Thursday, March 5, 2009

Relapse & Free Polish

(please ignore the nubby nails and nail polish on my
Yes, I had a financial relapse. I stated a few weeks back that I wouldn't purchase any new nail polish because I have enough. However I seemed to forget that promise I made to myself while strolling through Duane Reade. For months I've been passing by the new Sally Hansen Insta_Dri nail polish without a care in the world, but yesterday I picked it up and made my purchase.
I am getting back on the ball and ignoring all polishes as they glisten in their cute little bottles when I walk up the aisle.....anyway this product really works.
I love the sturdy thick bristles (pic on left). The bristles are thick enough to cover almost my entire nail in one swoop and it does dry instantly. Oh and the other good thing is you really don't need a second coat, this thing packs just enough punch in the first application. I still added a second coat though and a top coat for shine.
The color I am wearing is #19 Wined Up.
When I need more polish, which shouldn't be any time soon, I am going for the insta- dri. I did notice that it, like many sally hansen products chips easily but if you put on a good top coat, you should be ok.
I recognize that I am way behind on my posts I still owe you all the conclusion of my Bee Mine experiment, among other things, but I promise it's coming. Tomorrow,

Free Polish
Ms. GR just sent an email with a link on how to get free polish
YAY!!!!! Now I don't feel horrible about my relapse, you guys sure know how to make a PJD happy.
Thanks GR
Ren thanks I just saw your comment too.


MakeupByRenRen said...

did you hear the thing about zoya can trade in any bottle of old nail polish you have and get a free new bottle of zoya...just pay $3 shipping...


i'm like that with lipsticks. i know i don't need a another one but i just end up buying one anyway. its okay, we all have relapses. we're all addicts. just as long as it's not with drugs & alcohol, i think we're ok.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Off to the store to buy yet some more polish...

B said...

I have a ton of those Insta-Dri's and the brush drives me up a wall. LOL, I have yet to get used to them. You're right about the coverage though. And yes....I can usually get away with one or two coats. Loves that aspect!

And yep to Zoya. Exchanged mine last week! Zoya is absolutely my favorite brand of polishes. Followed by Nfu-Oh, China Glaze, OPI, Misa, Sally Hansen, okayyyy I have a lot. LOL!

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