Friday, September 11, 2009

Will you be there?

I know, I know you don't even need to say it, I am so LAME. Two days in a row with no real product review- forgive me.
Next week I will be away a few days for work so I will do my best to write reviews this weekend and schedule them for next week :-)
Now let's get down to business, you know what today is right? It's the opening of Tyler Perry's latest movie " I Can Do Bad All by Myself." As you may recall I was not the happiest camper after seeing his last film "Madea Goes to Jail", nevertheless, I will be in a theater tonight soaking in every minute of his latest flick. Will you be there?????
Time for some Honesty
Though I hope everyone does really well in the movie I can already say that I am not looking forward to watching Mary J. Blige in the film. I saw her once in a film named "Prison Song" (no need to kick me I've already kicked myself a million times for watching that) and her acting was HORRIBLE very much on the PDiddy level . Side note- I will never forgive Puffy for destroying Rasin in the Sun....that level of acting was just unacceptable.
Anyway I hope Mary steps it up in this film- other than that everyone else will be great I'm sure.
Do you have high expectation for this film?
In the Works
If you haven't heard, Mr. Perry has already started taping Why Did I get Married 2. I'm scared for him because the first one was wonderful in my opinion and I don't want him to hit a sour note, but knowing Tyler it will be awesome!!! He has the entire original cast and he promises that it will be better than the first!!!!!!
Housewives of Atlanta
Nene has really gotten on my last nerves this season. Am I alone in feeling this way? She seems louder, more annoying and her jealously is in high gear.
Do you think Sheree really had an event to attend or was her late arrival a message to Lisa.
Lisa is just so annoying to me, I mean really ughhhhhh I just can't even go there today. lol
Why didn't she want to take Dwight's advice? If outfits with unpressed seams came down the runway, that is a problem Lisa.........HELLLLLO. I thought her line was anything but HOT.
Kim made a smart move by trying to include Derick in on her wig line.
Was it me or did Kim somewhat confess to being almost broke now that she's not with Big Poppa? If she was working as a waitress and nurse when he met her and then he told her to stop working because he wanted to support her, since he's no longer in the picture--- What is her source of income? She said she wants to keep her kids up to the same standard of living but she needs a she really just coming to terms with that fact???? lol Will she be the next housewife (not really a housewife but that's another story) looking for a new home?
OHHHHHHH spoiler alert- Kandi has called off the engagement to her honey with 6 kid.......for now at least but only time will tell.
Have a great weekend.


Therapeutic Musings said...

It seems as though the only time I make it to movies these days is when TheCount picks it out and want to see it (and they have all been action super hero stuff). I haven't seen the last 2 TP movies, so I doubt I'll go see this one, but I may rent Family that Preys this weeknd so I can catch up.

NeNe has become soooooo extra this season because Bravo knew that a lot of people watched it for her, but I think they've taken it too far. The only person on there that I actually like is Kandi because she seems to be real and normal. She's not focused on dumb goals (Kim singing) or depending on other folks for her money (Kim and Sheree). She's just trying to get married and be happy, not that you asked any of that. I haven't watched last nights episode yet so I couldn't actually respond to what happened.

laughing808 said...

I do have have hope and expectations for Tyler's new movie. And hopefully Mary J will do a good job. I plan to see it sometime this weekend on early next week.

And I can't wait for Why Did I Get Married 2. As you said the first one was really good. So the second has a hard act to follow.

I stopped watching Housewives of Atlanta after the second episode. I couldn't take 40 year old women acting like high schoolers on national TV. The he say she say is too much for me to deal with.

antithesis said...

i feel the same as u regarding why did i get married 2. please dont let him mess up one of my favorites by him (the other is the family that preys). only time will tell.

you know i missed housewives and the one time i miss, bravo isnt playin an incessant maration. ugh.

Lee said...

You said so many things, I want to comment on, I hope I remember them all. First, can I cosign with you on the P Diddy acting in "Raisin In the Sun"- dreadful. Hopefully this TP movie will be good. Madea Goes to Jail- quite mediocre. Re: the housewives- Yes, Nene is on my nerves also. And I liked her last season. She is extra hateful this year. And frankly I think all them broads are lying on Kim. She's no girl scout, but I don't think she's lying as much as they say she is. Also, I think Sherree was just hating on Lisa's show because she was mad she got hers done first. I think she's lying about her kids function. She never mentioned that before the day of. Suspect. Although, Lisa's fashions were less than fabulous. Her own dress--mmmh. Stitching did not look hot. I was with Dwayne on that.


I didnt't see the movie yet, yeah I know Im a snail! lol... Anywhoo, Nene makes my stomach upset! She's just random ridiculous and thats all the time!!!

Sheree meant to come late..HATER!!! Did she ever get her 7 figs? whateva!!

What I hate most about this show is why are they always bickering? Come on, aren't they suppose to be grown woman? My favorite person is DWIGHT!!

justme said...

girl when did the part about kandi come on? i musta missed that

nene does seem a lil extra this season, like a jealous little kid or something

that dude helping with the wigs knew he was wrong and i am not talking about the heels, i'm talking about his unflattering outfit and the hotdog on the back of his neck

tis all, LOL

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM Oh yes family tha preys is my movie! I so agree with you on the Kandi comment, though I wish she could find another guy....
laughing- you are right, those women do behave like hs kids.
Antithesis you know the season will be in heavy rotation on the
Lee lol @dreadful. And yes I think the ladies may go a little too hard on Kim at time..they all need help (except for Kandi).
RS yes they are always arguing over something, I'mlike ladies just enjoy your money and relax. Apparently sheree was awarded her settlement but didn't receive it yet.
Just me "LOL so hard at that hot dog comment.