Monday, November 23, 2009

Sales, Random Chatter and Yes or No?

Hello and Happy happy Monday,
I am so excited for the short work week, doesn't my excitement just ooze off of the screen??? LOL
In the video below you are reminded of some Black Friday sales. If you know of any great Black Friday deals please post a comment. I also do a little random hair chatter and I reviewed the Yes to Carrots body scrub.


antithesis said...

lmao @ how u r describing this scrub. so essentially, i will just be passing on that product.

you raise a good point about switching up hair products for the winter. some of the stuff i was using in the summer i wouldnt mind using now but the problem for me is the scent. some of the sweeter/more-floral smelling products i have, i just wouldnt feel right using this time of year. is that weird? as far as product texture, it would be a good idea to use creamier products when the weather gets all dry and cold.

B said...

One time for Black Friday sales! I need to be savin' money so I'm sittin' this one out. Can't wait to hear allll about your adventures!

Lee said...

Good post. Lots of good info. Great point about switching product for the winter.

CC said...

lol at the sticks of butter that are not in your, I hope you acheive your whiteness before the wedding.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis-yeah the carrots thing wasn't hitting the mark for me.
B Don't worry, I will probably do enough shopping for the two of us :-).
Lee thanks :-)
Mrs. YF- pure whitness here I
Thanks for watching everyone.

Phyllis Bourne said...

No Black Friday for me. I'm too impatient to deal with the crowds.

However, I'm going to the mall tomorrow for Sephora, Ann Taylor Loft and Cheesecake Factory.

Lauren said...

Hey Diva! I have & used the YES To Carrots hair mud deep conditioner (its really thick) and I love it! I use as a pre-poo. And I've used the YES to Cucumebers leave-in condis and I love that one too. Good products. I will take note on switching to different products for the winter months, thanks!