Thursday, October 29, 2009

A review of a Yu-Be product and other info

Hello Everyone
In this video you will see my review of a skin polish from Yu-Be, a Japanese based company who is making their mark in the beauty industry. Yu-Be produces products that are more on the healthy side, no parabens, synthetic dyes etc. In the video I reviewed the Yu-Be skin polish which can be used on your body and your face. I also reviewed the Chox soap from Lush and a free bubble bar that I received from Lush.
If you are unable to watch the video, I will say that the Yu-Be product works well for my face and hands but it's not abrasive enough for my body.
The chox soap is described so well on the Lush site that I went out and purchased it, but in reality it fell short of my expectations.
The bubble bar is $8.89 and I would never buy it, good thing I got it for free so I didn't waste any money.
Check the full video review here-

Not to self

Do not watch youtube videos with my credit card in close Last night I ended up buying some lip tars and ummmm other I think I need to put myself on product probation again..sigh. On the bright side, I will get those reviews to you asap.
Now on to other news-
What do you think of the whole Spike Lee vs.Tyler Perry comments? If you haven't heard, Mr. Lee described Tyler's work as buffoonery and said Tyler's work was a throwback to Amos and Andy. Tyler recanted by stating that he uses characters like Madea and others as a way of opening up a discussion about, important topics like faith, respect etc.
I think Perry and Tyler are two totally different directors and both have their own vision of how they would like to tell a story. While the Madea and Brown characters don't exactly make me laugh I can see past them and look at the point behind Mr. Perry's films. If Mr. Lee is on a campaign against buffoons then he should check out what's going on in some music videos before bashing someone who is actually attempting to send an important message.
So what do you think?
Housewives of ATL
Part 1 of the Housewives of Atlanta show will air tonight, will you be watching?
I will be glued to my set as the shenanigans begin. I can already tell from the preview that there will be some somber moments as Kandi talks about Aj. Nene is a doofus so I can't wait to see how she defends her behavior.
Poetry Corner
I just wanted to drop another poem by a then 17 year old poet named Perre Shelton, who wrote Dandelion:

Sidenote- totally unrelated
picture courtesy of
Doesn't Raven Symone looks stunning, I love the dress but the shoes can exit stage left. I need that dress in my life!!!!


antithesis said...

love that dress. love everything about it. and i agree, the shoes were not a good choice... i think i'll watch hoodwives. and i cant believe u bought the lip tars. i guess im lazy b/c i know i cant pull them off alone b/c ive seen them looking super harsh and id have to mix them up and i cant spend all day figuring out the right formula. enjoy them and i look forward to your review.

beautylogicblog said...

i love raven. she can do no wrong since being olivia on the cosby show. lmao

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis- love that you call them
I didn't get all of the lip tars, I only got two (the wine and the chocolate) those should be pretty normal. I also got what they describe as a pigmented gloss. As for the other colors, I could never wear them outside the house.
Hey DE lol @ Oliva yeah that will never get old. :-)

Shawnta said...

I'm going to watch the video tomorrow because it's getting late but wanted to say I LOVE Def Poetry Jam.

Just_Wondering said...

Hey Girlie, Raven looks absolutely AMAZING!!!! And I think that dress would look nice on you with the right shoes from your collection! lol

The poem was nice...When does that show come on tv. I don't know why I'm asking when I have a hard time keeping up with the 2-3 shows i watch..But post more ok..I'll watch them..