Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Brown Butter Beauty Review

Hello everyone
I know I have been remiss in my blogging duties, but you still love me right? OK maybe not... and I will do my best to get another post up tomorrow. Trust me when I say that work has been very busy along with my other obligations, ughhhh
I will also respond to all of your comments asap. I should have a video answering your questions posted very soon, possibly tomorrow.
Today please look at my review of the Brown Butter Beauty Hibiscus Nectar shampoo and the Sweet Milk Detangling Leave in Conditioner.
For those of you who can't watch the videos, I love both of these products which happen to be reasonably priced at $12.50 each.

I happen to really enjoy John Mayer songs but I had not heard the song "Gravity" until I listened to one of Youtube's superstars J'sun. Now I can't stop playing this Check out J'sun's rendition.


antithesis said...

that conditioner looks nice and thick and creamy and it's a leave-in? that is so nice!

Shawnta said...

I've never used Brown Butter products before. I'll have to try them. BTW...LOVE John Mayer. "Vultures" is one of my favorite songs by him.

Just_Wondering said...

C'Mon girl! You didn't know that song. You know I'm a big fan of John lol

Just_Wondering said...

Sorry John sings it better hahahahah and Vultures is also a great song...that entire cd is awesome!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I should have poured some out...grrrr my old brain wasn't working I guess. To me it works best as a regular conditioner, I still go with the darcy's leave in conditioner as the go to leave it because it is more moisturizing.
Shawnta Funny think vultures never really hit me, I just thought it was ok. However Gravity...WHOA that song hit my immediately, love it. Along with his song "comfortable", I was sold when i first heard that song.
Just W. I know you are the JMayer poster I didn't forget hehehe. I see another vote for I have to give that song another listen.

THAM said...
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THAM said...

I have use brown beauty butter today because of your video. This the best product I have ever used. I ordered the shampoo, conditioner and ,leav-in conditioner. I plan to use it for a while, It leaves your hair full of moisture and sooooo moisturized, it's just heaven, great for relaxer strech... It's better than these expensive alter ego stuff that I had been using. LOVE IT
You can only love it. I also got the serum I'll keep you posted went I do use it.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Tham I'm so happy you had such a positive experience. Thanks for reading and commenting.