Friday, October 16, 2009

For your body and SOOOOO RANDOM

Hello and Happy Friday
Today it's all about the body. I have a review of the new Dove Deep Moisture Body wash so check the video to see if it is worth the $8.99 price tag.

And because you are all so special, I have another review on the Honey Butter Soap Bar that I purchased from Brown Butter Beauty.
I have to say that I purchased this soap because it has honey in it, all of the ingredients are natural and I thought the little honeycomb look was too cute. The good news is that this soap lathers really well and it lasts a good long time. I was really pleased with this soap overall. It was only $7.00 and it's the size of a bar of Dove soap (actually I think it's a little bigger than Dove). I still had to use lotion after using the soap but it didn't dry my skin out like some other soaps so I was happy. The packaging is cute, it comes in a little wrapping paper with a golden elastic band around the bar, perfect for gift giving. In terms of the way it makes my skin feel, I would purchase this soap again instead of the deShawn Marie soap because it beats DeShawn when it comes to moisture in my opinion. However it does not beat the cucumber soap from Chagrin, nor does it beat my good ol Porridge soap from Lush.
Here is the list of ingredients: Handcrafted with Saponified Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Unrefined Raw Yellow African Shea Butter, Soybean Oil, Castor Oil, Honey, Annanto Powder, Fragrance.
Random topics
Who do you watch on Youtube? Please let me know some of the channels that you frequent because I am always entertained by the different personalities on youtube.
Do you watch TaceMa? If you have been watching her for a while you may have witnessed her transition to natural hair. She has gorgeous hair by the way.... Anyway over time I lost track of her channel and then when I finally found it again, she was living in NY. Anyway I love her videos and I think the reason why I am drawn to certain blogs and youtube channels is because I see some of myself in the individual or at least the person seems like someone I could have a good time with.
In her recent video she talks about her issues with the Wendy Williams show and believe me everything that she said is EXACTLY what I had mentioned to other people. Thats not to say that other people have not had the same thoughts too but the way TraceMa expressed it is sooooo ME. She raised a point in one of her recent videos about her weight and the fact that she thought she would have been married already if she were thinner. She was just venting but at the same time it makes you wonder, if this little thing were different about me how would my life be different.....would it be better or WORSE???? hummmmm
Would you change anything about yourself if you could? Do you think that change could have a big impact on your life?
Here is TraceMa
This is her recent video where she talks a little more about the weight issue and other ramblings...
Birds of a Feather
Now what about you? Yes you, you reading this blog, there are so many blogs out there so why read this one? Do you think that birds of a feather idea floats here in blog land as well? I honestly think that off line I would really get along with so many of you, even though hanging with some of you would get me
Anyway, just a thought.....
Housewives of Atlanta
I just have to mention that AJ former cast mate had beautiful teeth....MEN take care of your teeth and you too can have a beautiful smile :-)....that's all
Kandi's mom is protective and I love it...go mom.
Kim- oh dear she has issues if she is really spending $12,000 each month on her HAIR.
Did you read about the drama surrounding Deshawn Snow, former Housewife from the ATL season. whomp whomp Check it here
My sister
I'm not exactly sure how I will integrate this segment into my blog but I like to try many different things with my sister's hair so I may start including some of that on the site.
First up is a pic of her natural texture, and in the second shot you see what her hair looks like after I applied the Darcy's Botanicals leave in conditioner.

Taking a Stand

Morehouse is not having it! Did you read about the new rules at Morehouse? No saggy jeans, the men can not wear clothing designed for women and the doo RAGS must GOOOOOO! I'm all for it but of course some are complaining about this rule infringing on their human rights. Check the story here

Yes I get it you are paying a lot for tuition and you should be able to wear what you want...however college is also a place that will hopefully prepare you for the real world and grooming is a part of that.

I know in college there were some guys whose pants I wanted to yank up but going out for a job interview, they certainly knew what to do......So what do you all think about this rule, should Morehouse just focus on education or is Morehouse within it's rights to lay down the dress code law?


D Alexandra said...

I'm all for Morehouse instituting this rule. So many schools only educate their students and don't get them ready for the real world. This is a way of extending the line of education to life training.

antithesis said...

as a spelman alumna, im far more concerned with morehouse's graduation rate. i couldnt care less wat the men of morehouse wear; get them up outta there in 4 years!

but yea, this is what one must contend with while attending private institutions, including those of higher education. they can pretty much do what they want, as i've observed.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I don't really go on youtube. The only time I see videos is when they're linked on a blog. I've seen TaceMa's videos before. I like watching her videos,they're quite interesting.

I always think about how my life would be different if I had clear skin. During college I wanted to work at the makeup counter at Macy's, but I knew they wouldn't hire somebody with skin like mine so I worked in perfume. I know I would be more outgoing if I wasn't embarassed by my skin every other day. I don't like taking pictures because so often they look horrible. When I look in the mirror I look at my hair and my outfit, many days I go through the day without ever looking at my face. Thanks for letting me vent.

I think I would get along with most of the people whose blogs I read and enjoy. There are only a few blogs that I read that I want to punch the person out every other blog post.

I'm looking forward to your feature with your sister's hair :)

I like Morehouse's rules. I think part of it is because parents didn't send their kids off to school looking any kind of way and don't want them to come back any kind of way. The college I went to for freshman year required business casual. No jeans, no flip flops, collared shirts for men- and all the clothes had to be modest. Not too tight, not too loose, not too short, not for me, lol.

Nicole Rogers said...

I thought I would stop by and say....Love your blog dear! I feel like I know you now!

Product Junkie Diva said...

D Alexandra I totally agree! you cracked me up with that graduation rate comment. yes I too want the guys to And I hear ya on that private school comment!!!!
TM feel free to vent at any time on this blog. I saw your pic on your site and you're totally cute. Although others may not notice, because it's your skin i can understand your feelings. I guess ultimately we all, or at least many of us have things that we would like to adjust but the beautiful thing is that there are always people who can see beyond what we may consider to be our flaws. Those people will love us unconditionally because of who we are as individuals. You have Mr C (and others too of course) so that alone tells you that what you have on the inside far outweighs what's going on on the surface. Yes, I too keep tabs on some youtube people just because I think they are morons..LOL I won't be posting those people though because they can be ignorant (so why do they make me chuckle so much??? LOL)
Thanks about my sister's feature. She wanted to punch me after she used that Miss Jessies quick curls..LOl her hair was HARD... so I guess I better get these posts out before she bans me from touching her
I like how you said during your freshman year....I take it you transferred? lol My HS was like baggy pants, no skin tight clothes etc.
thanks for reading everyone.

justme said...

i guess if i could change something it would def be dicipline. i have a major problem in my life with some areas that are lacking. if its purely physical i guess i would want to have perfectly smooth skin from head to toe. my old track coach had the most perfect dark smooth skin and i was always so jealous of it. she had that glow.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Nicole- Welcome thanks for leaving your comment. I am enjoying your blog as well! And may I add, your gorgeous!
Justme-yeah discipline, that's a good one!!!! I need to have a little more discipline when it comes to my budget. There are some moves that i want to make so I need to financially build up to it which means saving more!!!!

Shawnta said...

If I could change one thing about myself, I'd want to be taller.

Someone whose videos I subscribe to on is Ateyaaa. She discusses a little bit of everything from cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, make-up applications and hair styles. She also offers recipes and does cooking demonstrations, make up application demonstrations and hair style tutorials.

Just_Wondering said...

If you had asked me in HS what I wanted to change about myself...I would definately say my dark skin. People used to make comments about it and I used to wish I was lighter! However, when I got to college I learned to not listen to what others had to say and I also realized that God created us to look unique and different in shape, color, and sizes. If He thought to make different types of fish, different breeds of dogs, and all the different types of insects (ewww lol)..Why would He make an entire race of human beings without variety! So I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Now I look in the mirror feeling happy that I was created as is. Work with what you got because I am interested in being with those who love me for me.

B said...


And that's all. :)

Frugalista said...

I'm ok with the dress code. It was time. Does everyone in your family have gorgeous hair? Can I be your half cousin?