Thursday, October 22, 2009

Video Response, A singer and Poetry

In this video I am responding to some of your comments and questions. I think I will have to do another video to address other comments/ questions.
In this video I address the following:
1)How to get thicker hair.
2)Nail polish of the moment
3)How long does my soap last?
4)What's on my wrist?
**Correction on the price of a product.

In other news
I've shown this man on my blog before, but last night he posted this video of himself singing a song by Tweet. He is singing in the mall by the Tweet actually commented on his video and listed it as a favorite on her site...let's just say by his comment he was very I do like his voice...

Speak those spoken words!!
I enjoy poetry so let me share with you one of my favorites by Daniel Beaty. Even though the subject of his poem doesn't relate to me persoanlly, how can you not be moved by this poem? Love it. If you know of any great poets please post their names for me...thanks.


Shawnta said...

Love (& miss) Def Jam Poetry!

Thanks for the Q&A video. Very helpful!

Shawnta said...

Meant to husband would probably argue that I take the longest showers known to man. He's always telling me I'm in there too long & that they are entirely too hot. LOL!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Shawnta- I am TOTALLY a hot shower mirrors all fogged but it feels so good, I can't
So does this make us shower twins??? lol

Lee said...

Hey PJD,
I first must comment on Mr. "Smoking Cigarettes". Good voice, but he is giving you DRAMA. Wow. I've I just listened to him without watching, THUMBS UP. I look forward to your review on the LUSH mask. I still have to try BB Seaweed. I still have the Mask of Magnamity.

Shawnta said...

@PJD: Yup, sounds like it...we're shower twins!

Just_Wondering said...

Hey Girlie...Um you need to ask your sis where she got it hahahahaha and please try that shampoo and conditioner to thicken hair so that when I'm done braiding you can tell me if you think it works. Pure Abundance is definately a keeper...Even though you honestly don't need to use it. Thank Goodness you passed it on to someone in the Thin Hair Crew! lol

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PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

heeeeeeeeeey PJD!!!! gotta get back into the swing of things. thanx for the smoking cigarettes in the mall clip...the theatrics made me laugh, which was really back chica!!