Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tawaka body care and Tarte's 2 in 1

This video features an antioxidant rich cream by Ojon and a 2 in 1 product from Tarte.
The Tawaka product must be thrown into my SKIP IT FILES. Despite the natural antioxidant filled ingredient list, this product fails to deliver moisturized skin.
The ever so annoying two in one lip product from Tarte is also on whomp whomp status, a purchase I will never make again.


antithesis said...

i like for stuff to go in the skip it files way too much, lol!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I say take that crap back to Sephora. That's too much money for it to not work. I like when stuff goes in the skip it files too, lol.

T said...

Hey hun,

Haven't been to your spot in a minute. Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas!!!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

$65, why I oughta!!!! You better take that back and get your money back. You know it won't work on your feet so don't try to come up with ways to keep the useless product.


Girl, you could've spent that money on something else! lol.. what I absolutely love your blogs, if I ever need to know about a product i laways check your blog to see what's worth buying and I absolutely see this is not! So thank you on that note.

Oh because of you I am a LUSH fan for life!!

HAve a great holiday!!!

Calming said...

I would take it back and get my money. I would like to thank you for your honest reviews of products. Like Rosalyn, I check out your blog a lot for product reviews because I know you are HONEST!

Have a wonderful New Year!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis & T lol well I have more skip it crap coming your way..
T- hey TTTTTTTT thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed your time off.
MRs. YF i think you have a
Rosalyn-thanks so much. Im glad you like lush. :-)
Calming -thanks so much for the encouraging words.