Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 IT List and a Product Review

I would like to thank you all for still checking out my blog for 2009. I really appreciate all of you and each comment that you leave on this site (or youtube) :-). You could read a million other blogs, and lets face it you probably but thanks for stopping here too.
I hope to make this blog much better in 2010 (that probably wont happen until around just being realistic). Now before the tears drop let me get down to business. I may pump out a few more reviews today so stay tuned.
We have come to the end of another beautiful year, so of course I had to present you with my 2009 IT LIST. This list will feature all of the great items that I will surely carry into 2010. Much of my 2008 list is still in play too, but here are my 2009 favorites!

Conditioner -
  • The 4 conditioners mentioned in this video but specifically the Deep Moisture Mask from Darcy's Botanicals
A close runner up- Babassu conditioner from Brown Butter Beauty
  • Coco cream leave in by She Scent it ( I have not reviewed this product yet)
  • Brown Butter Beauty Moisture Milk Spritz and the Darcys Botcanicals herbal Leave in sprtiz- both shown in this video.
Makeup remover-
Face Mask
Bath & Body
Soap- Porridge by Lush
Natural soap company- chagrin Valley- specifically the cucumber yogurt soap.
Mango Sugar Body Butter- by Rosalyn Scents
Natural Deodorant- by OYIN LOVE THIS STUFF. please see the review below.

Product Review


antithesis said...

that drink u made looks sooooooooo good. going to have to make that like everyday this summer.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I just got some body scrub by 100% pure yesterday, I was trying to figure out where I'd heard of this company before. I should have known it was from you.

On my next trip to stock up on Oyin, I'll grab that deodorant too

Oh, and I will be going to get those fruit bags!

Lee said...

Thanks for the "it list". It's nice to have them all together. I look forward to your reviews in 2010.

NewRibena said...

Great list...I've actually tried a few of those products thanks to your reviews. FYI...according to the Chagrin Valley site, they will be raising their prices by 25% on many of their soaps and shampoo bars as of Jan 23, 2010. I am stocking up now.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I hope you get to make it, it really tastes so good.
Tm- that deodorant is on POINT!
Lee- thanks so much for reading.i look forward to reading more of your blog too!
NewRibena thanks soooooo MUCH. I need to stock up on the loofah soap, cucumber yogurt and maybe the java spice (it stinks but works