Wednesday, August 19, 2009

100% Pure Haul & I fixed the videos from yesterday

If you haven't guessed by now, I love natural products, so when I saw what appeared to be the deal of the century I jumped. I have spoken about 100% pure in the past and I just adore their products. Recently I saw a limited time offer on their site, I was able to purchase 50 of their samples for 5.00. I purchased 3 bags and I can tell you that the sample is more than enough. Each packet is the size of a packet of ketchup and with the consistency of the product I was able to moisturize my hands and arms (up to my elbows) two times with a little left over in the package. One bag that I ordered was a mixed bag so it included body wash samples as well.

When it comes to natural body washes that smell fabulous 100% pure hands down has control of this market! I am going to send an message to the founder of the company to see if she will run this offer again SOOOOOON because I want more and I want you to be able to make a $5.00 purchase as well. At least this will be an inexpensive way for you to see if you like what the company has to offer.
Side note- Please ask me why I never purchased the 100% pure bar body soap????? I know that the majority of the liquid washes smell down right delicious so why the wait?? I think I thought the soaps would be small but I checked the ounces and immediately placed my order. I think it will smell better than the other soaps I have used, and looking at the ounces I know it will be bigger!
Although I purchased the scrubs and body washes many times in the past, this is the first time that I picked up anything from their cosmetics division. I purchased a natural peach scented lip balm ($13.00) that comes in a cute little tin with a peach on the lid. I also picked up a natural mascara for $16.00, I purchased the mini just in case I don't like. I tested it out but I have to do more test before I do my official review of the mascara. (the mascara is shown in the first pic, it's the silver tube on top of the pile of samples).
Finally, I purchased the oatmeal facial cleanser for $8.00. I will review that at a later date as well.

Check the video for if so you desire.

I also fixed the video from yesteday, it was too long for Youtube- here it is

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B said...

What a haul, mama!! I'm going to have to check this line out.