Monday, August 3, 2009

Colored lids

Despite the fact that I look cross eyed, the point of the picture above is to show that I am trying to slowly introduce bright colors into my beauty arsenal. I purchased an emerald green eyeliner by Stila. I must say forget about MAC, or Laura Mercer, which I posted on recently, because the Stila eyeliner is the softest I have ever used. Believe me when I tell you this little $19.00 gem just glided ever so softly across my bottom lids. And don't be fooled by the soft application, regular soap and water can not easily remove this liner.

This is truly a keeper!!!!!

What eyeliner colors are you using?

Does the white eye liner actually make your eyes look wider?

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Therapeutic Musings said...

I just got the Urban Decay mini pack of liners with black, white, brown, purple, and gray. The only color I've used so far is black, I'm not bold enough yet to try other colors yet. I might try a few looks this week to see if I can rock the other colors.