Friday, July 31, 2009

Upgrade& On the Tube

Have you ever used one of those clunky hair clips? I know I have devoted quite a few minutes of my life standing in front of the mirror trying to get the clip to snap shut only to have it unhook and fall to the floor once I removed my hands. Or some hair clips are notorious for ripping out hair. Well enough is enough, today I introduce you to you the Zannclip. The Zannclip is a smooth spiral coil that securely holds your hair in a variety of styles.

I decided to get the 24K gold plated clip for $19.00 and the black one for $11.00. I decided to get both clips in the large size which is 3 3/4" long but medium and extra large is also available. I also used a discount code when I placed my order so I saved 15%.

I have to tell you that the gold one is really smooth and neither one has snagged my hair. While the gold clip is very smooth, the black one has a little texture to it and the coating is a bit more matte when compared to the gold.

You get your money back(including shipping) if this little baby breaks on you so that's always a good thing in my book. In fact it's such a sturdy clip that I don't know how one would break it.

The Zannclip people say that when you take the clip out you won't have that big dent in your hair that people commonly get when they use regular snap clips. I have to tell you after wearing it for hours, my hair was dent free. You may see a tiny impression but it is not even close to what you would get with other clips.

Some of you may say, well I already have a claw clip so no need for the Zannclip. Ok well just try putting your head on a head rest while you have that claw in your hair...YIKES not a good feeling. The Zannclip lets you rest your head comfortably....hey I'm a gal who likes to be

Anyway that's my zannclip review and I like the clips. However, I won't buy it again because the two I have will hopefully never break and if it does they give me a new one on the house.

What hair accessories are you rocking?

On the TUBE

You already know where I'm going with this....The REAl Housewives of Atlanta.

When Dwight said "DREADFUL" and flinched after seeing Nene's son's karaoke machine I knew the season was starting off

Lisa was her usual trouble making self.

Kim's wig is still bad in my opinion but it has a bit more gloss to it this season. Oh and note to Kimmy people from various backgrounds have worn wigs, falls, hair pieces or whatever you want to call them for YEARSSSS, it's not just "catching on in the Caucasian communities" so please

Nene was as loud as ever.

We learned that Kandi's daughter is working with a brighter light bulb than her mommy.

Sheree in my opinion has been HUMBLED by the lifestyle DOWNGRADE. Don't get me wrong I think her new house looks nice too but I have a feeling she was taken down a notch or two when she was forced to leave her mansion. Her ex-hubby should be ashamed of himself for not paying child support...that man is loaded, not only from his football career but doesn't he also own thriving record studios that famous musicians use? Pay your child support buddy.

Yes, we all saw the show and I already know how many of you feel about the first episode of the new season so I wanted to switch gears just a little.

Did anyone watch Sheree on the post show? It was this weird little show hosted by the guy who normally hosts the reunion shows. Anyway the party planner who was 100% unprofessional, was on the phone and said Sheree was rude etc., if she was, we certainly didn't see any indication of that on the show. Normally I am not a Sheree supporter but gee whiz was I on her side over that escapade. The party planner did apologize for the nasty comment he made about her mother. He also tried to stress that the party was being thrown for her for FREE. I guess that was his big selling point to make Sheree look bad, but he is still a clown in my eyes. Sheree claims he offered to throw the party free of charge, she at no time asked for the freebie.

This is what I really want to get into - if you saw/heard Bethenny (NY Housewife) on the phone while Sheree was in the studio please tell me what you thought of her comments. I wanted to reach into TV land and ask Sheree why she was sitting there smiling....

Bethenny said she loved the RHOA the most because it is the best show in the franchise....ok nice comment...then she was straight COMPTON....huh Bethenny??? Compton, really? She then said some other low brow comments which in my opinion was really saying oooh you trashy ladies are hilarious. Didn't like Bethenny's comments one bit! Anyone with me on this one?
What are your thoughts?


antithesis said...

first the clip: not a fan but i do like the non-snagginess. it helps that it also doesnt leave that bend in the hair.

now for housewives. i read bethanny's blog. i did not like the COMPTON comment or a few other comments but overall i liked the entry. idk where she got compton from. i thought she confused it for when sheree said CLEVELAND. anyway, bethanny is still my fav housewife from the NY show. she doesnt always know what to say but i dont think any white people do. thats my honest racist opinion. almost every white person ive encountered has rubbed me the wrong way with a supposedly innocent statement. i chalk it up to their blatant ignorance and move on. no one have been explicitly malicious...

antithesis said...

i also want to comment on how full and healthy ur hair looks. maybe i need to stop being el cheapo and invest in some of those products you rave about. they are clearly working...


I think nene should be out of the show! I cant stand the way she acts..i didnt see the post show, but so far im interested in seeing more of the show.

ADT said...

I may have to try the clip. I have had the same problems with my hair clips ending up on the floor. Also, I like the "not leaving a dent" part. -- I saw the show, but missed the after party. I heard that dude that was still ridiculous. I never liked Sherree, but I think she was right on this one. The Bethany comment sounds like a backhanded compliment. Not really feeling it. But at the same token, we should expect that if we act a fool on TV.

Tami said...

I am going to try the clip. Thanks!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis I know that the look of the clip caught me off guard initially and it still but it does work so I just put work it out as best I thx for the hair comment. yeah the compton..ok let me not get started
ADT if you get the clip please let me know what you think?
Tami let me know how it works out for you.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Rosalyn S. yes i will be watching the entire season I'm sure.

yummy411 said...

man i wish i could have seen the 'after party' .. i only saw the show and cannot stand the foolery. lisa claims to be innocent but seems to be the biggest instigator AND the commercial playing over and over with her pulling kim's weave.

this is how classy, divas, representing for affluent african american women act (they can deny or embrace, but they are being shown as a representation)? i feel like i can prob stomach it for the sake of wanting to see kandi's story and maybe nene. the rest of them can just shove it. the even planner though? why????????????? such a grand opportunity. this is just what people want to see from us. we can't be civil and things have to escalate to yelling and fighting. =(( 10 steps back. sigh

Therapeutic Musings said...

Your hair looks beautiful!

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM thanks.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yummy I so hear you on this...Deshawn was so different from them all, which is probably why she was cut..sigh.