Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is Chagrin Valley the ONE?- On the tube - Iphone Update

Below is a review of the all natural handmade soaps that I purchased from Chagrin Valley. Could this be the ULTIMATE Soap company???
If you can't or don't want to watch the video- first of all shame on and secondly I like these soaps. In general if you were to get a Chagrin sized bar soap from Lush, you would be paying so much more money, so Chagrin is your budget friendly soap company. I also love that you can get sample bar soaps for as little as $2.50. I would purchase from this company again without hesitation, the shipping was fast and the soaps are delightful.
Initially I thought the soaps didn't smell so fragrant but it was really the Rhassoul soap stinking up the joint. ( It really doesn't stink, it just has a minty scent). Once I separated the soaps I could appreciate the less minty scents of the other soaps. I love having carrot juice, goat's milk and chocolate (for it's antioxidant powers) as ingredients in my natural soaps.
I should also note that a part of the reason why the soaps were not more powerfully scented is because additional fragrances were not added to the soaps I ordered, just pure natural soaps.
For now, this is my staple soap company, the only way that I would stray would be if another store emerged with soaps featuring scents that are to die for. Other than that, I am very happy with Chagrin Valley Soaps, thanks to everyone for the recommendation.

On the Tube
I missed the majority of the Tina and Toya show, so how was it? I saw the part where TI wanted Tiny to hang with him instead of going out with the ladies. Family night at home is very important so I understand, but I'm just wondering if that "stay at home" rule applies to TI.....I think What did I miss last night?
If you have an IPhone you need, I mean NEED to download the version 3.0 updates because we can finally copy and paste, as well as text in landscape...yayyayaya so many new features. Features that should have appeared on the first iphone but whatever I'm not complaining.


Tami said...

I'm guilty; I didn't watch the video but I'm glad Chagrin Valley is the one. I'll try them out. THANKS!

Amina said...

see, I told you you will love it!
Her soaps roooock!
I can't wait the pumpkin spice this Fall
Now your last shop should be Zaja Naturals and get the truffles soap :)

Amina said...

by the way, let me know how you like the cornmeal. I've never tried it..

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm all up on the website wanting to order stuff. Those bars are huge! I think I want to try their shampoo.

On another note- you have to be the cleanest person in NY. You buy so much soap, lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

Tami- shame shame * waving my index finger at Yes, so far so good but I will try Zaja Naturals next and tell you which one is the best.
Amina Amina Amina you are totally going to get me into but bring it on because you know I love I will probably order tonight. I hope they ship quickly too.
TM Wouldn't it be a shame if I had an odor problem?..LOL A lady at my job thinks I wash my hands too much and the fact that I was considering bringing one of the sample soaps to work is probably not a good
If you try the shampoo please let me know what you think.
It's fun to be clean YAY.

Anonymous said...

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I do have two things I am not fond of, when you make videos they come out very unorganized because of two things, your speech and the turning around of the camera to the computer.
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2. Panning the camera around to a website is a big NO. because the blair is too harsh and if you want us to see the website, give us the URL to it, we are looking at you on the computer, and can easily pull up another window and look at it without the harsh glare.
Hope you take these comments into consideration and that your blog makes it to the top, really excellent subjects.

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