Friday, July 3, 2009

Check the labels & a hair product review

Thanks to everyone who follows this blog and to my YouTube subscribers. THANKS SO MUCH!!


Tamara said...

Godiva is a wonderful thing. I've been a LUSHie for about 2 years. They keep getting more and more addicting!

What other products do you like from Lush? As a product junkie, are you also an E-tailer Addict? If so, check out my tales of e-tail, retail, and everythting in between. I'm definitely going to hold court about Lush's online side.


The E-tailer Addict

Therapeutic Musings said...

Cankles? You are hilarious! I'm not as diligent with reading lables as I should be. Maybe after I big chop and have to find new products anyway I will do better...