Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hair product review, The Challenge and Random Issues

This is the video I wanted to post yesterday!
Have a great day


Therapeutic Musings said...

Good job on the challenge :) You did really well. I already said how it didn't work out for me because I can't make my other half comply with my wishes. June was actually one of our worst months for savings! We normally try to save at least 25% of our income each month and we failed miserably in June. I don't even want to total up our "misc." portion. It was well over $1000 halfway through the month. I guess it's not too bad because a lot of it was us giving money to people (graduations, weddings, heyyyyy let's give this dude money day)

Your elevator story made me bust out laughing.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks Tm I could have done better but I spent money on clothes and shoes...LOL
Oh so Mr. C isn't saving his BUt graduations, weddigns etc. that's a hard one because you almost have to spend money for those events. Well there is always next month TM. :-)