Thursday, July 16, 2009

Black Violet-On the Tube- The real Chagrin please stand Up

As you may recall in a recent post I purchased a natural deodorant by LaVanila, which turned out to be quite the stinker. I located my receipt and returned the $18 deodorant which made it so much easier to pick up the $19 Laura Mercer eyeliner that I had my eye on. I only had to pay the difference which turned out to be $1.08. This particular eyeliner caught my eye because the color is black violet. So as you may have guessed it is black but with a nice violet undertone. This color was going to be my introduction to the world of non black eyeliners. I think one day I will actually pick up a blue liner but baby steps, baby steps.
In the picture on the right the top line (the line closest to my bracelet) is a a black eyeliner called engraved and it's by MAC. The liner at the bottom is the Laura Mercer black violet liner. I wanted the colors side by side so that you could see that it looks..... well just dark. I guess it didn't have as much violet in it as I thought...whomp whomp. ( I love the word ) Below you will see the black violet on my eyes but I never go heavy with eyeliner so this may be a pointless picture.
**EDIT** I forgot to mention that when I went to wash both eyeliners off of my arm, the Laura Mercer came off so easily with a little soap and water. However, the MAC eyeliner required a little more scrubbing power. If you are a constant eye rubber you may want to go with the MAC eyeliner which will stay put longer.

Challenge Aftermath

As you know, during the month of June I was on a little clean sweep/financial challenge. Being on that challenge helped me to better discern between my wants and needs, which meant I was not frequenting stores for no reason at all as I had in the past. Earlier in the week I stepped into a beauty supply store because I needed a new comb and let me tell you about my reception. I was greeted with a hug from one of the employees and he said "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in about 30 days" I kid you not the man had my time frame all calculated in his head...maybe a drop in store profits led him to remember that I had been missing for a After telling him that all was well in my world, I picked up my comb but geesh it made me feel like I must have been living in that store for him to acknowledge my absence.
My experience also made me remember a story a woman told on television years and years ago. A married woman who loved to order out was sick so she didn't order from her favorite Chinese spot for roughly two weeks. One day her phone rang and it was the owner of the Chinese restaurant asking if she was well because he had not heard from her in two Gee whiz when people not related to you know your pattern so well it's time to switch things

On the Tube
Last night while watching the disaster that is the Wendy Williams show...cancellation of series coming in 5, 4, 3..

Ok anyway I saw Nene from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was there to promote the new season which will be starting this summer. When they showed a clip of the new season I saw Sheree (the one who pretends to be so classy and she always says FABLESS as opposed to fabulous) walking with NeNe and she intentionally pulled on Kim's hair. Kim seemed to storm off down the street in a huff while NeNe called out for Kim to return. This is probably showing that there will be a drama filled season but honestly if they will get physical I am soooooo not interested. I say that because ummmm they are adults and that behavior is so 2nd grade. I hope this isn't some feeble attempt to look more low grade than the Housewives of New Jersey (the train wrecks as I like to call them). Pull it together ladies, while your witty banter may give you ratings, physical attacks will certainly leave a bad taste in the mouths of their viewers or just mine.

Dance Dance Dance Dance Dancing Machine

Do you watch "So You Think You Can Dance? If so then last night, maybe you were as impressed as I was by Travis' (former SYTYCD winner) choreography.

Chagrin Valley Soaps
I just wanted you to know the link to the Chagrin Valley soaps that I spoke about this week. If you just type in Chagrin valley soap, you get some weird company but the company I purchased from is Chagrin Valley Soap and Craft.
My last order of soaps will come from Zaja naturals, once I receive them I will show them to the world and let you know which soaps I love the most.
How have you all been this week? Anything interesting going on in the world of beauty?


ADT said...

Very funny. I had a several similar experiences with going into the store and the person knows my order cause I am there so much, and apparently predictable.--I saw Wendy Williams for the first time last night, and it somewhat entertaining. Wendy is a mess, but she knows it so I can deal with her. My issue is quality production. Is it me, or does the show not look as though it is live? Its blurry for a live show. Definite lack of budget. Not cute.

B said...

I've never tried any of Laura eyeliners. Hmmm...

My MAC Pro ladies always ask about me when I randomly stroll in. They always say, "Where have you beeeen?" HA!

justme said...

i dont have any laura products but my trips to the states means sephora baby. i cant wait till the new season, tv is so boring right now for me (or rather itunes)

Just_Wondering said...

wow girl you must have been living in that BSS lol that man missed you.

Tamstyles said...

lol..i love nene...i missed that show.

Eunice said...

Hey Lovely,

I love your stories, I cannot believe I missed this one!

Which comb did you buy? I have been debating using a seamless comb, if it would make a difference. I have been checking out, they have a promotion going on, CC10 for 10% off and free shipping for orders over 25$. But then ladies on LHCF have been using Mason Pearson combs. I need an opinion. Help!