Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Giving the Acids a try and tips from a pro

Hello Everyone
Although I say it on the video I just wanted to say that I hope you had a chance to catch Dr. Oz on the Oprah show. He always gives out such wonderful information.
For great skin he said you need to take in vitamins A, C and E because they will give you your main antioxidants. If you recall, a while back I raved about my turbo C powder by Philosophy. The turbo boost is pure vitamin C which you mix in with your moisturizer.
Dr. oz also said that when you purchase products with vitamin A you may see the words retin a or retinol, that's what you need to look for.
You also need to take in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
Today in the video I reviewed the Oyin Honey Hemp conditioner, and I spoke about my silk amino acids and honeyquat. I also discussed Dr. Oz's hair test.
Have a happy Wednesday.

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justme said...

hey girl, long time no comment. anyway that vit c powder, is it really that amazing? i currently have a vit c serum but i think it makes me break out because i am having the same prob i had with the vit c serum by ole