Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review of the Almay Pure Blends Mascara

For those who can not view the video the Almay Pure Blends mascara is 97.5% natural. It's supposed to give you volume but I found that it gave me more length than volume, and I'm fine with that!
It contains, wax, honey and many floral extracts. However, it flakes like you wouldn't believe. It cost me $6.75 at CVS.


antithesis said...

didnt watch the vid, but that flaking? can do it. ugh.

Therapeutic Musings said...

It did look nice but I can't get with the flaking. I don't buy Almay products simply because they don't have foundations and stuff dark enough for women of color (or when I wrote my rant letter against them in college they didn't). It's just my personal issue, lol.

Just_Wondering said...

you know the final product looked pretty good pjd...that kinda sucks that it flakes..not cool..LOL@ you saying deadly when referring to none natural mascaras lol