Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Did you watch?

Hey Everyone
I had a video post planned for today but I am experiencing some technical difficulties, so I will post it tomorrow.
Every once in a while I can be judgmental, hey it happens so sue me. I just thought I had that Tiny and Toya show pegged. Before last night, you could not have told me that I didn't know how each scene of that show would play out. Filled with righteous indignation I tuned in, ready to scoff at all of the stereotypes I expected to see as I waved my finger and declared that their behavior is what's wrong with some people in the world. However, I saw two women struggling to find themselves and to create identifies for themselves that would not be tied inevitably to the men in their lives. You really did see a different side of Tiny especially when you watched her connect with her parents, specifically her father who has Alzheimers. You also learn that her famous mate, TI, would prefer that she not work at all. This is actually an issue that so many women face, will they live out their wildest aspirations or leave that behind to support their families? Can you successfully manage a career while keeping your private life in tact? While providing your mate and children with a steady foundation upon which to build their dreams, the woman's dreams seem to quickly fade into the background. I actually think a portion of Tiny's heart is trapped between the love she has for the stage and her family.
Toya is a woman who grew up in a household that was anything but stable. Her mother is still roaming the streets to this day as an addict. You see in Toya her strong desire to have a stable home life and a husband by her side. In my opinion the fact that she is still close with her ex husband, Lil Wayne's, mother says a great deal about her character and her commitment to family. His mom seemed to genuinely care for Toya so it was sad to see her own mother mixed up in her own twisted escapades. Her mother is clearlytoo distracted to see the daughter she continues to hurt and the granddaughter whose early years are going by too quickly.
I hope the show continues on this path and that the ladies come to a place of peace where they can recognize their value and find a measure of fulfillment that is clearly missing in their lives.
Side note- Hawthorne with Jada Pinket was good too.
When does the "Food Networks Next Star" show air? I always have to catch it on Sunday at 12am but it must come on before midnight....right?
Did you watch? What did you think of the show?
What else are you watching this summer?


CurlyKye said...

I absolutely agree with everything you said about the Tiny & Toya show. I was pleasantly surprised last night.

Hair and Beyond said...

I watched the show and plan to watch the rest of the season. On a personal note I to am dealing with what Tiny is dealing with in reference to work or stay home for the family. So I can really understand how she feels about the subject. She really had my attention when she voiced the whole it can destroy comment. Or something to that effect. I DVr'ed it at 1:30 am because I came in about 10 minutes into the show and i want to see the whole thing lol. I LOVE Hawthorne btw watched that also lol. I have no idea about the Food Network show thing.

Product Junkie Diva said...

CurlKye thanks for reading. Yes I was surprised that the show wasnt filled with foolishness. i now expect this to be a good show.
Hair and beyond 's situation is a tough one. If I were in that situation I could only imagine how difficult it would be to make a decision. I would want to be home spending my time with my kids and ensuring that my home is the best it can be for my family. However sometimes you can get a bit lost and suddenly you may feel that you have lost touch with the other side of yourself, the side that enjoyed writing, or sclupting or whatever it is that you once did before becoming consumed with the daily tasks that have become your life. As a happy medium I would probably try to take whatever my interest is and turn it into a home based business.
Thanks for reading ladies

Yan Tan said...




yummy411 said...

thank you so much for posting this cuz i was about to! i'm a BET supporter (on the good things that they do) and it bothers me that so many people pass judgment without really giving anything a chance. yes, BET is known for some foolery and BET isn't without fault, but ppl have to understand that while we grew up with BET, BET didn't grow with us. they are reaching out to a younger demographic and letting TV1 take care of the 30+.

i was only distracted by their accents, but once i got past that i'm looking forward to the show. so sad and such an often heard story of tiny's- dealing with a parent that has alzheimers (sp?) i look forward to your recaps etc.

by the way, the awards show was fine to me. instead of it being a HUGE tribute, i appreciated them turning the show around at moments notice to show respect and recognition for his art. don't get me wrong, i sincerely get tired of the sound issues and the censor mishaps.. ugh!

Just_Wondering said...

You always seem to find something new to watch. When I got home today I suddenly realized that Jada is in a show. I was surprised and thought hmmmm should I check this out lol then I thought..nope that was my former life of being a TV watcher lol I ignored the proposal to watch and picked up the great book I was reading lol But I can always count on you to keep me posted on these things girl!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yummy not a problem. I was pleasantly surprised.
Just Wondering- you know I will keep you in the loop

justme said...

i was planning on getting this off itunes maybe. my tv choices are soooo limited. i have been watching a lot of dave ramsey, a lot of old tim's guide to style, hawthorne, law and order criminal intent.

any shows to recommend that are on itunes i am all over it. i liked southland but it seems to have come to a standstill.