Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The relaunch &BET & A product Review

Tomorrow is July 1st, so you know what that means? If you said the relaunch of The Coil Review, you are sooooo correct. The Coil Review is a supportive space for naturals. Check out their commercial if you haven't seen it already.

I knew that people were going to have issues with the BET awards show, I mean the mere fact that Solja Fool started his performance on a bed, was enough to have me pull the plug on my tv, throw it out the window and forget that BET ever existed. However, I will say that with such short notice I thought they did well based on the two day time span. They literally changed the entire scope of their show, but many have written in on message boards and blogs to say that BET should have waited until they could do a proper tribute. Indeed that may have been more appropriate but I guess they wanted to strike while the iron was hot. And will Janet make any more tribute appearances? I think not, at least not any time soon, so that was an opportunity BET didn't want to miss. Some of the vocal performances were a mess, clearly, but I can understand the attempt that BET was trying to make, whether it was well executed is another story.
Outcries on blogs also responded overall on how poorly directed BET has become, and I don't disagree. If I am not mistaken Viacom is still controlling things at BET so I didn't really expect things to get better when that takeover occurred. What begam the demise of BET? As a kid I remember waiting up just to see Tavis Smiley talk about issues that mattered. Despite whatever really happened with his dismissal that was one moment that I marked in my young mind as the beginning of the BET downward spiral. Now I can tune in to see a news brief by a young man (don't know his name) who speaks like he has marbles in his mouth. The well tailored suits of Mr. Smiley have been replaced by baggy jeans and timberlands. I am seriously waiting for that BET guy to show up one day with a du rag on and a tooth pick in his mouth that is all he is missing to complete his look.
Now we have the Tiny & Toya show which is set to air tonight.....sigh. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe one of the commercials for this show said that Tiny and Toya want to show how independent women take care of themselves.....HUH? Shaking my head.
What do you make of BET?

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Therapeutic Musings said...

I didn't like the awards, but that's just me. I was honestly a little embarassed about some of the stuff that went on, but that's just my opinion (and my momma and my husband).

I'm about to try and go back to the coil review website, when I tried last night, it was down.