Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The decision & The Challenge

As you may recall from my last haul video I purchased the super sudsy slip shampoo from Miss Jessies. I tried the shampoo and I was looking to see if this would prove to be the " best darn detangling shampoo period" as the bottle proclaims. I noticed that my almost 10 week post hair was being detangled with relative ease but something far more appealing caught my attention. Whenever I shampoo my hair, after washing out the product I take a towel and gently remove excess water so that the conditioner can really reach my hair. When I removed that excess water believe me when I tell you my hair was as soft as any shampoo has ever made it feel. Dare I say that my hair has never felt that soft after it's been shampooed. I literally wanted to skip the conditioner and just dry my hair hoping that it would maintain that level of softness after it dried. I decided to go ahead and use the conditinder but I was so pleased with the shampoo. So what's the big decision I had to make? Well take a peek at the ingredients list on the other picture, see anything wrong? You can click the picture to enlarge the photo to get a better view. Yes, you may have noticed that chemicals and parabens are running a muck all up and through the ingredients list. The ingrediets are sooooo not in line with the natural products I like to use. It took me a while to make a decision between buying products with not so good ingredients that give me great hair vs. natural products that give me good results but may not be as effective. Well sadly I have to report that I purchased 4 more bottles of this shampoo lol I know, I know, you don't have to say a word hence my financial /clean sweep challenge below LOL. However, after my 4 bottles which I plan to use sparingly, are done I'm back to natural ingredients!!!!!
What would have been your decision?
Do you use Miss Jessies products?
The Challenge
If you don't want to watch the video below, the recap of what the videos addresses is below the videos.

If you didn't watch the video you can read this....

I need to make a change and maybe you do to, so I want to start a financial/ clean sweep challenge. This should really help me to save even more money and get rid of any product related clutter that I have accumulated.
1) After paying for your necessities like your mortgage, light bill etc. you must save at LEAST 80% of the remaining money. Certainly you can save more but try your best to stick with the percentage that you select for the entire month of June.
So if you have $300 after paying for your NEEDS then you will save at LEAST $240 which means you will have $60 to play with.
2) Here is the clean sweep portion of the challenge- if you buy an item that you can classify as a want not a need then you have to give away two items of the same type. For example, if I decide to get a new nail polish I have to give away two polishes. Doing this will hopefully eliminate unnecessary purchases while reducing the number of items that we have.
IF you can think of any other rules please let me know.
I will do this for the entire month of June and I hope you will join me. Keep a tally of how much you have saved by the end of June and keep track of how much clutter you eliminated.


Therapeutic Musings said...

Do you have a fear of companies going out of business? I fall out laughing every time you say something like "I bought the whole tray, or I ordered 4 more bottles!" That was just my little therapy session of the day :)

Let me be the first to volunteer to help you with your challenge. As you buy things take the stuff you want to give away and put it in a box marked "FOR TM" and at the end of the month I will come up to NY and pick it up from you, especially since I still owe you a kick in the shin. You don't have to thank me, happy to help you declutter :)

I will be participating in your challenge though! I had planned to not spend any money on my wants this month so I'll make sure I keep track and be able to report what I saved at the end of the month.

fab_E said...

that's a great challenge!

i'm so in!not only save but get the clutter out of my room/bathroom!

im excited!

Just_Wondering said...

Is anyone interested in helping PJD get rid of the stuff she has already used and could care less about but you'd totally want it??? I'm just asking...I'm curious! If so drop her an email asking her about it.. Not sure if she would but can't hurt to ask.

Just_Wondering said...

Or Leave a comment on here saying "I want to help you PJD" lol

Miss Yaya said...

well you can also offer to swap and exchange things you want with other people that they want - that way you spend minimally for shipping charges

also - can't buy a new product of the same kind until the original one is empty? i've been trying to do that but i keep falling off the wagon!

my good detangler is "knot today" and i honestly can't find anything to beat it - have you tried it?

justme said...

this is a great video! i was going to say something similar to other posters in that if you buy something, the 2 things you get rid of can go in a box and at the end you can make it a giveaway.

i would so join if i wasnt about to go on a trip. my item would be clothes because i dont really buy a lot of products like bath and body or hair stuff and you know i am always giving away tons of makeup so i am under control on that front

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM oh man you remembered the kick I am owed...lol. I like that whole TM box idea..lol
Fab E YAY I'm so glad you're in.
Just Wondering...girl Anyone who wants your stuff...can contact you..lol
Miss YAYA i like that idea and will be adding that to the challenge. thanks Ihaven't tried knot today..is it love..ohhh i need it but must RESIST..lol
Justme thanks! Yes I remember how much makeup you gave away. It's hard to give up clothing though I must admit....