Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Product Review & Random information

I want to thank the wonderful financial blogger Mrs. Money Savvy for the informative comment she posted yesterday. Check out her comment here "Well blogging proceeds are income and all income must be reported and taxed. If a blogger uses an advertising service (such as Google AdSense), that revenue will be reported to the IRS if above $600/yr. Bloggers should be aware so that they're not hit with an unexpected tax bill."

Clearly I am not included in this category since my google ads yielded all of .50 since the inception of this blog but this is just an FYI for the rest of you money makers out there.

When I shop online whether it's for clothing, shoes or whatever I love to save money so I have no problem shopping the clearance sections. Another thing that I like to do is go to retailmenot.com to see if there are any coupons that I can use before making an online purchase. This site has helped me to get 20% off or free shipping etc. Hey it all adds up so go ahead and shop while saving.

Side note- I went into Neman Marcus yesterday and it seemed like there were red tags everywhere with the text 30% off....but when the price is $300-$400 30% off didn't seem so appealing. I saw a few pairs of shoes that looked like the shoes from my post a few days ago about shoes and I have to say in person I wasn't so impressed. I really looked at the quality of some of the shoes and knew that it wasn't worth $100. Especially when it came to a sandal with a REALLY thin sole and barely any fabric so I have crossed some of those shoes off my wish list. Well if the price is really low or I see a great yet inexpensive knock off then I will get it. I left NM without anything and I felt good about it. I think this financial/ clean sweep challenge has made me a more discerning consumer.

On the Tube

Did you watch the end of College Hill? Any thoughts?
Will you watch the BET awards?
Housewives finale anyone???? They're are no Housewives of ATL which is probably why their season lasted all of two seconds. I am such a non violent woman but I don't know why I felt all warm inside after learning that Jacqueline once slapped Caroline...lol


antithesis said...

girl, u know i saw that damn reunion. those women... anyway, aint nothing wrong with those retail sites. i forget about retailmenot.com but i stay on ebates.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Teresa is a mess, in fact they all are.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I was yelling at my sister the other day for ordering stuff without checking for coupon codes. Once I got a years supply of my contacts for like 50% less than what I normally paid and I was shouting from the rooftops!

Product Junkie Diva said...

TM you know I take my hat off to you, you are the queen of discounts..lol