Monday, June 8, 2009

Love this cleanser

This is it, the facial cleanser that I thought would be a joke but I purchased it away. You are looking at Angels on Bare Skin" by Lush. It feels a like a mixture of clay and play dough that you break off and mixed with water to form a paste. You then cleanse your face with this amazing product that will leave your skin feeling soft, clean and exfoliated. It has ground almonds, lavender oil and pieces of real lavender embedded in the folds of this cleanser. The rose in the product is designed to tone your skin. I really really like this product and it is natural, and 100% vegan. For 3.5 oz you will pay 9.95. The picture of my product is an $11.00 piece. Those little things that look like ants...yup that's the lavender! I now have a quarter size left and I need more so according to the rules of the challenge I want to give up two items ...decisions decisions....
Have you tried this product?
What is your most effective facial cleanser? I am hearing so much about cetaphil...what do you think?


antithesis said...

i liked cetaphil for a while and then it was not at all helpful. my skin gets used to stuff quickly. by the time i finish a bottle and get part of the way through a second, my skin is over it. goin to the derm tomorrow. hopefully ill find solutions.

B said...

I still haven't tried anything from Lush. What am I waiting on? LOL, you know me and my cheap self. I literally have to hit the bottom of a product before I buy something else. I used to use Cetaphil and loved it! I now stay with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. I use that stuff for everything!

Erica said...

Cetaphil is better than I expected. It is free of irritants, so if you have sensitive skin it is definitely good.

I love the Lush products I've tried, but I haven't tried their facial cleansers. Now I will.

Jo-Ann said...

Haven't tried Lush on my face.

My favorite cleanser is Dermal Clay Cleanser by Dermalogica. It's great for oily skin.

I've tried Cetaphil and it's fine but my oily skin needs more.

fab_E said...

yes! angels on bare skin is one of my favorite cleansers. the only reason i stopped using it was because still had bad acne at the time and i needed something that would help with that problem.

i've used cetaphil too and had good results but i needed something exfoliating

right now the most effective cleanser i use is ambi's even & clear...i may go back to using lush products though

Therapeutic Musings said...

I use Cetaphil and I love it. I keep some at work too for after my workouts. It's good because I have sensitive skin so it doesn't irritate it and I feel fresh faced afterward.

Amina said...

sorry i've been mia..
that soap looks interesting!
My facial cleansers choices are castile soap or zaja charcoal soap :)

Tami said...

To prevent breakouts I like Clean and Clear.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis thanks for the cetaphil info. I hope all goes well at the derm.
B What are you waiting for???? lol
Erica yes at first was hesitant to use Lush facial cleansers but then I said hey it's all natural what's the worse that could happen and it turned out well for me.
JO-Ann I have not heard of this clay and now I feel the need to check it out :-)
Fab E- I already know you are a Lush woman :-) I have ambi products too but focus on the lotions etc. from their soft and even collection not so much the cleansers etc.
TM so fresh and so clean clean :-) thats a good diea keeping facial cleanser at work!
Amina no problem :-) I was going to try a charcoal soap from Lush to see what that would do for my skin but then I fell in love with angels on bare skin and ultra bland cleanser.
Tami I was just thinking about you saying that I have to return to your blog this week and here you are :-).
thanks for reading everyone