Thursday, June 18, 2009

Helpful Sample & Simple yet Chic

I know you are all about sick and tired of me talking about Lush and the expensive products sold at that store but indulge me for just a little while longer. I didn't know that Lush was into giving out free samples, but now I am fully informed and will be asking for samples before purchasing new items. I received a sample of a facial cleanser that I had been considering for a while, Aqua Marina Cleanser. It consists of seaweed,chamomile and aloe vera to sooth your skin while removing dirt and grime. Ok can we just take a good look at the picture, that is the size of the sample I received....WHHHHATTTT??? Anyway I won't complain because it was just enough to let me know that this taffy and spinach like cleanser was not for me. It was like trying to wash my face with spinach and the pink part of the cleanser was like licorice or taffy so it wasn't easy to form a paste when I added water. Now after my face was smeared with this stuff I washed it off and nothing special happened? The earth didn't shake, the sun didn't beam directly on my face and waters did not part, it was a plain ol do nothing cleansers. This sample confirmed that I will never buy this product.

I just wanted to sneak in a picture of the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser which I reviewed in the past. I just wanted you to see what $15.00 worth of this product looks like.
Simple Yet Chic
If you are familiar with actress and model Joy Bryant then you are never surprised at how laid back and simple her makeup and overall look is, no matter how fancy the red carpet event may be. Then it should be no surprise that her simple Bohemian style was written all over her wedding last year. She apparently was pretty frugal too when it came to her wedding. Even though everything looks laid back I have a feeling her version of frugal is still out of my price range...just guessing since her event was in the Hamptons. Anyway check out the bride below, would you wear minimal makeup on your day or will you have a makeup lady/guy on hand to make sure you are always picture perfect?

I love Joy's idea of the non traditional wedding cake...I would totally do this would you?

Yes the flowers are edible....GORGEOUS and so up my alley. So are you a traditional bride or not? Do you need a gown by the BRILLIANT creator behind her company Amsale or can you go low maintenance on your gown?
I can be do fickle, sometimes I picture myself having a GRAND event and the next day I can picture myself on a swing like Joy....well maybe not a swing but you get the
What do you consider to be the items to splurge on for your wedding?
For the rest of the pics from Joy's wedding check out it out here


Therapeutic Musings said...

Keep your butt out of Lush!

My everyday look is very simple, like Joy, but in my heart of hearts, I am a glamour girl diva so that's what my wedding reflected. People were really surprised to see me all dolled up because they thought I would be very plain and simple. When I renew my vows (and we are rolling in dough) I want to have a smaller (we had 250ppl) but more extravagant wedding. I want to splurge on the location. I was fine with everything else but I want something grand and breathtaking for my location (I already picked the place)- but I'm going to wear the same dress :)

antithesis said...

u know how i feel about nuptuals but if i do get married, i think i would do a lot of things the conventional way. however, there may be a few subtle differences. i would still want my day to have a personal, unique touch

Andrea said...

I love weddings period and always imagine when my big day came that i would do the traditional route but now a days im liking the non traditional because it is able for you to show your personality and individual style.

B said...

That cake is sick!!