Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transitioning Hair Creme review.

Hello Everyone
So for you relaxed heads, have you ever considered going natural but you're worried about the whole transitioning process? Naturals, are you looking for a product to stretch out your curls and define them? Perhaps this little product can help both groups out......


B said...

Can't watch the video but I love the way this stuff smells. I used it on my locs and I'm not sure what it did but it sure does smell good!

Phyllis said...

Sigh. I'm don't have the patience to grow out my relaxer.

I just love your speaking voice! Why aren't you doing the news or commercials?

Yan Tan said...

hey hunn just stopping by showing your blog some love...very interesting we love it... : )


come stop by sometime.. ;-p

Therapeutic Musings said...

Admit it, you did this post just for me didn't you? LOL, I think I will pick some of this up as I get further along in transitioning.

Product Junkie Diva said...

B yes it can be used on locs too.
Phyllis thanks so much for your kind words.
Yantan thanks i wish you the best on your transition. (both of you).
TM it was just for you!!!! lol
How is your transition going?