Monday, June 29, 2009

My New Zoya Nail Polishes & The BET Awards

(click on the picture to see the colors better)

The Zoya exchange program is great!

I forgot to mention the Zoya personal touch in the video. You get a little piece of paper teling you exactly who pagacked your item- thanks Chris :-).

BET Awards
Any thoughts? Clearly BET switched gears very quickly to turn the show into an MJ tribute and they did well especially with such short notice. Seeing New Edition (ALL OF THEM) was a good moment. Again maybe because some people were not expecting to sing, their vocals were a bit off. However Keisha Cole, Keith Sweat, Keri Hilson KNEW they were going to perform right????
Jamie, Neyo, Monica, Tyrese, Trey Song (for the most part), Johnny Gill (as always) delivered very well with their vocal performances.
Janet was strong through that tough moment as well as Joseph Jackson for even showing up at that evening.
*Note to MC Lyte his name is Idris Elba and he's an actor...ok just had to throw that in there.
The Shanayna (spelling) and Ugly Wanda moment was not expected but well received by the audience. Did you catchthe Chris Brown comment in that segment?
Oh and Beyonce sang well too. The adorable Keke Palmer even touched the mic for a second. Isn't she just a younger version of Angela Bassett? I am expecting great things from Miss. cutie pie KeKe- though I would love to see less makeup on her.
Taraji looked youthful and better than I have seen her in soooooo long. WHAT in the Baby Boy World was that segment with Tyrese and Ving Rahmes? Can we say unnecessary?
At least Letoya got to perform even though she was in the blazing heat...shout out to Beyonce's dad for making that happen (allegedly).
Jayz's performance yes that was my moment for intermission.
Maxwell-pretty wings wow. I heard Maxwell on the radio in NYC last week and he was talking about how in LOVE he is, it was a really touching moment in the interview. HUmmm if only I hadn't seen those pics of him in a hotel room with Nas and random gals it would have been even more


antithesis said...

i usually watch ur videos JUST for the random commentary. a squirrel, tho? LMAO!!!!!!!!!! pretty colors in the polishes. really like that peachy one.

B said...

Aww, can't watch the vid. :( I love love love love looooove Zoya! Great choices.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I do live on the bottom floor and those squirrels get on my nerves! I'm always jumping because I see it lurking on my patio looking like a big ole rat!

I like how you put that nice positive spin on the BET awards. I like Jay-Z's performance, I used Solja boy's performance for my intermission.

Product Junkie Diva said...

antithesis...thanks see and I so often edit the random out if possible because I can talk too
B thats you put me on to Zoya :-)
TM you know I completely zoned out on solja fool...when did he become important?????

Daba said...

Strange for me was Lil Wayne & Drake singing 'Every Girl In The World' (which is a song about having escapades with all the girls in the world)with pre-teen girls on stage dancing & singing along...WHAT THA??!!??
Monica put Keyshia Cole to shame on her own song,Ciara was a mess & so was Keri Hilson.
On a funny note,'Stank Robbers' was hilarious(& yes I caught the Chris Brown comment)
The show was overall decent,but I will not be watching the encore.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Daba thanks for reading oh that Drake performance was another time for me to strech my Yes if I were Keisha and I hear Monica on the track I would have excused myself from the track and just handed it to Mo or just kicked Mo Monica does have great pipes so she can sing anyway while Keisha has always struggled in my book.