Friday, June 12, 2009

$30.00 off for PJD readers & A Hair Product review

Hello Everyone
My review is below but first I want to tell you about a special offer. Alicia from Whooga.Com is offering $30 towards any purchase made on the store sight. Whooga boots look just like Ugg boots to me so if you want a pair you can get $30.00 off. Here is what Alicia had to say "All your readers need to do is visit our website at and enter the code PRODUCTJUN into the box in the cart. There are no conditions on it and we do ship to all countries."
I have never purchased Whooga boots but if you do come back and let me know how they feel.
Thanks Alicia


antithesis said...

not gonna shut it down. thanks for the love! and you r so right about people reading and not commenting. *guilty*. i read your blog everyday but i dont always comment. sometimes i have to come back to watch the video because i cant watch at work and just forget. what was the other reason you were going to mention?

antithesis said...

lol, i just watched the video b/c it's kinda slow here at work. ive never bought miss jessies b/c its sort of on the expensive side. i really wanted to use the the curly hair products when i was natural but wasnt sure if it was going to work for my hair. i dont think my hair needs anymore protein. moisture moisture moisture.

Mrs Count said...

I'm mentally filing away your Miss Jessies revies because I'm going to get them when I finally go all natural. I might need to try out this one now though because I need stronger hair, I leave trails of hair all through the house.