Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On your Face or Body & Stop TEASING ME! & My Black is Beautiful

The frosty sea of blue that has captured your attention is Ocean Salt Cleanser by Lush. It can be used on your face or body to exfoliate your skin. Let's make no mistake about it, this is not a light scrub, I mean think about it, this scrub can also be used to smooth down your legs. I do use this on my face but not often, because I do not want to rip my skin to shreds. In my opinion, this is not a scrub that you can use daily, twice a week maybe. It is also recommended that you put a little water on your face first to make the salt grains dissolve a bit so it is not as abrasive on your skin. I used this on my body and loved the results. After all, smooth legs make the world go round :-).
Now at Lush prices you know this baby wasn't cheap so I got the smaller version and paid $18.00 for 4.2 oz.

On the ingredients list you will find, grapefruit infusion, sea salt and seaweed but what I don't like is that this LUSH product has parabens in it...shame on your LUSH. That just goes to show even though a company promotes it's vegan products, it doesn't mean everything in the store is vegan or 100% natural. Check your labels everyone, I know I should have.....

Stop teasing me!!!!

I feel like I'm that kid in grammar school who is surrounded by bullies who are pointing and laughing at me. I don't remember a time I received so many emails about close out sales and save 50% off so I'm starting to think these companies heard about my financial/ clean sweep challenge lol. Just like you, I received the code, HONEY, from MAC to get free shipping on any purchase I make from the Naked Honey Collection. Honestly based on the color palette I'm not that impressed anyway so this is not a tempting offer, but had I not been on this challenge who knows what I would have been inclined to purchase. I received discount codes from Victoria's Secret to JJill and every store in between. Then Komaza sent me an email saying they are overstocked on their Almond Milk Cleansing Conditioner so they are selling it for 50% off. Now I have never used this particular Komaza conditioner but if there were ever a time to try something new, it's when it's being sold for 50% less. But alas I will not be buying a conditioner because I don't want to part ways with my beloved hair products. Actually I took a peek last night and there are a few things I can give away so who knows if my fingers will do some Internet shopping later today but as of right now I am going to resits. What better way to get back at those taunting me than to shove my credit card back in my wallet and walk away.

The soap of the day
The soap of the day is Honey I washed the kids, a honey and aloe vera infused soap for your body.
On the Tube & Web
Have you seen the My Black Is Beautiful series features on the BET website? I know, I know, many of us avoid BET like the plague but from what I have seen so far, this series is great. It focuses on the beauty and diversity of people of color and then they show hair and makeup tips and tricks that can teach us how to highlight our best features.
On another note, did you see College Hill last night? Is Milan a spoiled brat or misunderstood?
Are you bored by the Housewives of NJ?


antithesis said...

lush products are nice and everything but the prices are a little steep. i feel you on the teasing w/ the coupon codes. im learning to throw away anything that isnt free or SEVERELY discounted. i will take advantage of the MAC 25% off if i can get free shipping ass well. and yes, i am bored with real housewives.

Lauren said...

You love you some Lush products huh lol. I went on their website about 2 wks ago after I saw your Utube vid (it inspired me lol) & I checked out their stuff & was interested in some of it but I agree, the prices are kinda high. And the fact I have to go all the way to their store which is prob about 30 min away from me to buy is kinda annoying lol. But I might, you never know! LOL. Ok ummmmm now this is sooooo off topic but I need you tell me b4 this Fri lol. I may be very late on this i'm sure you've done a review b4 but have you ever brought & used hair products by Karen's Body Beautiful b4??? You're prob saying where the heck have I been lol. Well I know their store is located in BK & I know you live in the NYC area (as do I) so I plan on goin to BK over the wkend & do some shopping lol I already read & see what I want lol. Every1 seems to rave & go crazy mainly over her hair milk. Even thou her products may be geared towards natural heads her products say works well on relaxed hair as well :-). I'm dying to try, I'm not ording on-line & paying S&H when BK is 30-40 away from me, I will just go to the store lol I will travel for some good hair products!! If you have any info, can you plz tell me if her products are worth my trip lol? Thanks diva!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Antithesis yes, the coupon codes keep coming but we can hold out until the prices are really low...I agree :-)
Laure look who's trying to catch KBB freebie Yes I have used her products and I really like them, I haven't ordered in a while because I stocked up during a nice freebie friday a while Some of her products work best for me in the winter time like her hair cream and hair butter, you only need a LITTLE because too much will make your hair oily. LOVE her conditioners I like the scents cranberry cocktail, coco lime, lucious pear and others but it does leave my hair soft, shiny and smooth. I would condider her conditioner to be a staple. AND the scent of the conditioner will stay on your head so make sure you get a scent you like. I used her shampoo and didn't like it I felt like it left stuff on my hair instead of removing grease etc. the ingredients are great but that product I would never buy again. The hair it, it keeps my ends soft and frizz free. I can put the hair milk on my hair put it in a bun then go to work and at the end of the day when I take my hair down, it's still silky. I also have the hair nectar which is nice but I prefer the hair milk. A little off topic but try out her lotions too even if it's the small$5.00 size. Surprizingly i liked her juicy hair bar becuas eit did moisturize my hair so that was great. I hope I'm not forgetting anything that I love from her oooh ok the Lucious Locks hair mask does make my hair feel great but it's a little expensive for such a tiny jar. Even though I'm in BK please believe I order online..LOL I had to call the store once and talk about my order and Karen herself said "wait you live in Brooklyn, better come down to this store"
The shopping experience will be nice im sure becuase everyone I had spoken too was helpful and so sweet. Enjoy your KBB day!!!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Fight the good fight PJD! You can do it, resist the temptation!!!!

Lauren said...

OMG GIRL THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU KBB INFO!!!! Girl you tried ordering on-line when you’re right there in BK? LOL girl you need to stop! LOL. I live in LI & I’m still willing to travel to the store. Wait I didn’t know she had freebie Fridays?? I was planning on going Sat not 2morr darn! Even though I’m off 2morr I won’t have time to head out to BK. Neway, yea I was eyeing that Luscious hair mask then I saw the price & I was like umm I think I’ll pass on that lol. I still have moisturizing DCs I use from myhoneychild which I’m still currently loving as pre-poos. Omg I was looking at KBB’s body lotions too lol like her olive oil one? So I may buy some lotions, thanks for the tip! I’m interested in her hair milk, hair cream, & hair nector, I read the hair nector is for finer hair types (which is me) so that may work well for me. I also read a few ppl said they didn’t like the shampoo either which I wasn’t planning 2 buy anyway lol, I may buy her condish, I like the fact the smell lingers in the hair. But if I buy the condish I’d like to use it as a pre-poo or leave-in from time to time if it’s really nice. I love the rinse-out condish I’m currently using when I wash my hair. I know she has 2 types of condish. Neway, all in all, I appreciate you getting back to me asap. I like the fact they make the mixes right there in front of you too; she has so many scents & they all sound delicious so idk which 1 I should get! I heard their customer service is great too. Do you think I should call the store before I go? I’ll let you know how it goes & what I end up buying, thanks again diva, GREAT review & info!!!!! :-)