Monday, June 1, 2009

Body Stuff & A Challenge

( Sorry this pic comes from the web because the pic I took from my camera looked bad. I will replace this pic later.)
Remember when MAC released their black volcanic ash exfoliator and everyone went wild, well at least I did. Giovanni has a detox system for the body that features a body wash and scrub infused with volcanic ash. Remember that Giovanni is a line that produces products paraben free and all around better ingredients. After using both I really like both items. Now how can I tell if this black body gel is detoxing my skin????? I don't have an answer for that but I did a silly little test, I created a stain and used two different body washes to see which would clean the stains the best. Hands down the detox body wash turned that t shirt back to snow white must faster than the body shop body wash. So what's that mean, not much maybe so I had to base my real feeling on how my skin felt. My skin feels smoother after the body wash than it does with other body washes, well better than it feels after I use most store body washes.

The scrub is really nice, fine grains that still give you a very nice scrub down. You use it after the body wash to further smooth down your skin. The body wash cost me $13.99 while the scrub was priced at $10.o0. I thought I saw this with a lower price tag in another store but I just can't recall at this time. I didn't buy the lotion because I thought it was an unnecessary purchase.
My Honey Child- I promise to put in a better pic later :-)

I did it, I used the soap from My Honey Child and it makes my skin feel clean and soft. However I don't think it feels nice enough for me to ignore the scent of her soaps to shell out $5.00 again. I know that $5.00 isn't too much money but I can get other soaps for that price that make my skin feel better and it has a better scent so I won't repurchase. My Honey Child makes great hair products so I will stick with her for those items only. Good attempt though and remember this is just my personal scent opinion, others may buy it and LOVE try it if you feel inclined to do so.
I have a challenge that I want to start on this blog. Please check in tomorrow for details. I hope you will join me!!!!


Therapeutic Musings said...

I've seen the Giovanni stuff in the stores before, but I don't think I've ever notices a volcanic ash bottle there. It sounds interesting, if I find it, I may check it out.

I love challenges :) I can't wait (unless it involves a tray of tic tacs!)

justme said...

i am so interested in this detox line... i still have some volcanic ash left though, i am working on using stuff up