Monday, June 22, 2009

Product Watch and Shoes for Less. Changes for Bloggers? & On the Tube

I haven't done one of these posts in a very long time so it is long overdue. This is what I like to call Product Watch, the post where I let you know what I've got my eye on.
What has really caught my attention is the sampler mascara kit from Sephora. It is valued at $96.00 but they are selling it for a mere $39.00 for eleven mascaras.

What do you all think? Of course it's not a full size tube but you get enough to really know if this mascara will work for you.
Your Help
On a similar note, I have my eyes on some footwear that I NEED in my collection but I am hesitant to pay the current asking price. Have you seen these or similar styles reasonably priced anywhere?

These cuffed ankle shoes will cost me $117.00 at the moment.

Here are some cute flat sandals with a not so hot price tag of $89.00.

Yup I'm going to have to take these boots along too and they are currently priced at $103.00.Yes, I am the woman who normally hates ALL booties and shoes that even look like booties but I was drooling over these Via Spiga shoes priced at $215.00

I just ordered about 5 pairs of shoes and I purchased about 4 pairs in the weeks past so I am trying to be good here :-). Can you help a sister out? Where can I get these looks for less?
Where are all of you ladies getting your shoes from?

Blogger News
I heard this morning on the radio that a in the near future bloggers may be required to report all gifts, products and money that they receive in connection with their blogging duties. Any thoughts?
On the Tube
Ok so I'm a young old lady, I sit at home watching the food network and sometimes I do it while kitting...ok SUE Anyway I am loving this season of the Next Food Network Star. I can really see a woman taking the crown this year and my favorite is 30 year old Jamika. Who stays true to her culinary instinct and Carribean roots.

I think the 3 finalists will come down to Jamika, Debbie Jeffery and if one of these three don't make it my wild card entry is Michael (if he can manage to stay focused). What do you think?

Bobby wanted to Throw DOWN

Renowned chef Bobby Flav came to NYC to challenge The Cakeman Raven to a red velvet bake off. If you have come to NYC or you are a lover of sweet treats, you probably heard about the cake man who RUNS NYC. I have never tasted red velvet as delicious as the cakeman's cake.

Bobby Flav of the food network came to NYC to battle it out red velvet against red velvet. Now slap me twice and call me in the morning because BOBBY FLAV won. Honestly, I think the judges were just in a bad mood or their taste buds were off because the RAVEN is the MAN. Even Bobby said he is not sure how he won! He also said he wants to start ordering the Raven's cakes for his restaurant. Well although you didn't win the throwdown you're still the Cakeman of NYC. Am I still on the fat smash diet? I now crave that cake...LOL


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

You better stay focused girl...cakeman raven will survuve without your donations.

Those shoes are crazy nice. I'll keep an eye out for any similar stlyes on my daily look throughs.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I think the gay dude will win food network because they don't have a gay chef on a show(except maybe that manly looking spikey blond haired woman that has a new show).

I really like Jamika and Jeffery. I think I would like their show. Debbie kind of rubbed me the wrong way the first episode. Maybe when I watch this week's episode I'll like her a bit more.

You know I'm not signing off on those shoes or that mascara. But I normally get my shoes from TjMaxx or Nordstrom Rack.

I loveeeee me some Bobby Flay. I think it borders on obsession.

Jazz said...

uh its not july yet... your no spending challenge isnt over yet. ANDDDDDDD I dont think any of those shoes qualify as needs ...

savvy said...

Well blogging proceeds are income and all income must be reported and taxed. If a blogger uses an advertising service (such as Google AdSense), that revenue will be reported to the IRS if above $600/yr. Bloggers should be aware so that they're not hit with an unexpected tax bill.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Mrs. YF lol you have a point my dear.
TM I know what you mean about Debbie initially she rubbed me the wrong way too after that guy tried to stick it to her I liked her but Jamika is still my #1 pick. Oh and I love Throwdown with Bobby
Jazz lol ok I see I have someone watching but remember you can spend some money it's not a complete no spending month. Also I did say in one video that shoes could not be a part of the challenge because I'm not strong enough for that yet...LOL I have been trying to be good though for How are you doing with the challenge?
Savvy, thanks so much for the great inforamtion.

Jazz said...

LOL pjd , lol. I slightly modified the plan , by telling myself that I would not spend any unnecessary money during this month... and I give myself a B so far , its been a few times I slipped . I cant really talk about you wanting to buy some shoes , Im spending 250 on a new ipod .

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jazz ok hold up you're getting a new IPOD girlllllllllll yu know that's ot a just kidding enjoy your new device...while I enjoy my shoes..LOL