Monday, June 15, 2009

Peaches for your tresses & It's Hammer Time & Your advice

Picture courtesy of Darcy's Botanicals
How can you look at this picture and resist making this purchase????? A while ago I purchased the Juicy Peach Kernel Natural Hairdressing Creme from Darcy's Botanicals. When the maker of these products said she wanted a product that would reminded her of the peach pomade her mother used on her scalp as a child I was sold. Give me a product that smells like sweet peaches and it can seal in my moisture this is almost too much to handle. This $12.00 4oz jar will last you for a very long time because you seriously need just a dab. I have had this product for months and my jar is perhaps half way empty now. As you rub it between your fingers you see that it is an oily product which is why only a little is needed.
I can see myself buying this product well into the future. It is marketed for "locs, braids, twists, waves, afro, and even relaxed hair".
Ingredients: Peach kernel oil, vegetable thickener and conditioning oils.
DB products are handmade natural goodies whipped to perfection.
Have you tried this product?
On the Tube
If you are old enough, you remember huge pants, shiny shoes and fast foot work as symbols of the MC. Hammer era. As the story goes, he was such a generous man to his friends and family members that he eventually met his financial demise. Well it may be Hammer time all over again because he has a reality show which started last night. I totally missed it but I was planning on supporting him by watching. Did you watch MC Hammer and his family last night on A&E?
I managed to see a little bit of the Cleaner over the weekend but I couldn't catch the end. It's based on a true story of a man who is an interventionist. He does what he has to do to get people off of drugs. The lead role is played by the always dapper Benjamin Bratt......enough said...I will be checking my local
Advancing in the workplace
It seems like Essence magazine always has an article that features tips that one can use to get that promotion on the job. After reading the article I don't know which woman wouldn't feel empowered to walk into an office to confidently and respectfully get her due. Well on a somewhat personal note, I have a co worker who has been demanding her due almost as long as I've been alive but to no avail. On a positive note, she gets her work done and is known for her efficiency. However, each time she has walked into her supervisors office asking for a promotion she leaves with promises that have yet to be fulfilled. She has had a few different supervisors over the years with each one commending her on a "job well done" and making comments like you need to become the (insert better title here) but they never follow through. Other than packing up and heading out the door, which I don't think she is prepared to do at the moment, what can she do to get more respect while collecting the money she deserves? What have you done?
Relaxed Hair
Did you check Tracyee out this weekend over at KISS? If not mozy on over now and look at her progress...I already told her I need those shoes in my Congrats Tracyee.


Miss Yaya said...

"bought a while ago" hmmmm excuse me while i ponder on the truthfulness of the statement!

antithesis said...

you and these loaded posts. im curious as to weather or not id like the cleaner. i like intervention so maybe i will like this. i kind of want to be an interventionist.

B said...

How crazy is that? I am eating a peach now!! I need to get up on this when I run out of my Vanilla creme. And I save money I canceled my cable. So now I really don't know what's going on in the world.

Amina said...

that hairdressing has been in my wishlist for a while :)