Friday, August 21, 2009

There's a new mixtress on the block!

I'm always thrilled to see entrepreneurs on the scene so I am so pleased to present you with Rosalyn's Scent. Cassandra, the owner of Rosalyn's Scent, has created a medley of products for your body, ranging from thick body butters to body fragrances. I should also mention that the prices are recession friendly! What could be more recession friendly than winning a full size product and all you would have to pay is the $4.95 shipping price tag. Each month you have a chance to win one of her free goodies- check it out here.

When I first tried her products I immediately fell in love with the Mango scented body butter. I literally had to stop using it so that I could take a picture of it instead of showing you all an empty container. Surprisingly, the butter wasn't too thick for this summer weather, but I could also see myself using it in the winter to avoid having dry skin.
Next up is the creamy coconut body cream which has the consistency of custard, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. All of her products include natural ingredients like shea butter and essential oils, so you know that just tickled my heart.
Many of you are fragrance addicts, you need spritzers, perfumes and body splashes in all of your purses, just in case. Well Rosalyn Scents also offers delicious fragrances in a roll on tube which is easy enough to pack in the smallest clutch purse. Right at this very moment she is offering scents for $1.50 because she has decided to discontinue certain fragrances. For 1.50, you just can't go wrong, so get it while supplies last. Check out the closeout fragrances here. There are so many different scents to try so I am very excited, but I believe the banana crumble body butter is next on my list. We are all different and we can appreciate different scents, so what really caught my eye is the fact that Rosalyn's Scent can provide you with CUSTOM SCENTS. Can you imagine having your own signature scent....I love that idea.
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Have you tried anything from this company?


Anita said...

Congrats to Ros for this great review!!! I haven't tried it yet (will be doing soon very soon) but i've heard nothing but great raves about it!! GO GIRL!!!!!

Dawn said...

I am one of Cassandra's customer's and her products are AWESOME!! I am in love with the mango body butter. The quality is supurb! I have recommended her products to friends because I fell in love with what she offers.

Keyna said...

I'm in love with the mango body butter also. However remember to keep it in the fridge when you are not using it. lol. I made the mistake of leaving it in my car over night. Thank God all I had to do was but it in the fridge for it to regain its texture. I also love the sample of pink lace that she sent with my order. and the bath salt is off the chain. I will be purchasing from cassandra on a regular.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hello thanks so much for your comments ladies.

Amina said...

thank you for reviewing her line. I didn't know about her so i'll check out her goodies :)