Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I've Been Tagged

Hello Everyone
I have been tagged by Just Me of YepAnotherone.com

11 Ramdom facts:
1)I can not touch someone else's crumbs unless I actually saw where the crumbs came from. Ex. I can't walk into a restaurant and randomly brush off crumbs that the cleaner left behind...WILL NOT HAPPEN #NewTablePlease :-) It literally makes me sick - ok enough of that.
2)The majority of my childhood professional fantasies have come true..#TrueStory
3) I seriously want to be under the tents at fashion week one year!
4)Sometimes I censor myself too much.
5)I rarely speak on the phone...I don't like it, but I used to be a phoneaholic in JHS, but now the phone doesn't interest me one bit. However- I enjoy texting.
6)I prefer sincere words in a letter or a card instead of flowers or gift. Gifts are great too..lol
7)I once heard Whitney Houston sing live and I was in awe of her voice #powerHouse
8)I adore dimples and as a kid I tried pressing buttons into my cheeks to achieve the look...ok I was young- don't judge me..lol
9)I never like going to work when it rains. I hate feeling soggy and wet.
10)I can be super fickle sometimes.
11)I have 3 books that I started reading but have yet to complete. 1- The Serena Williams autobiography, 2) The Black Girl Next Door (good book but I got busy and distracted) 3) Mercy by Toni Morrison. Actually I think there was a 4th book but I can't ever remember the title now. Oh and I started reading the Bluest Eye (I've been meaning to read that for years). I hope to finish all of them by March...lol let's see.

Here are my answers to Just me's questions:

1. Favorite beauty product of all time? OK in general mascara or lip gloss. If I have to be specific my favorite mascara has yet to be discovered, but if I had to pick one now, it would probably be the vibrating mascara from Black Up Cosmetics. I have to review that one :-).

Lip gloss - I have tons, but I'm not sure that I have a specific gloss that is my absolute favorite. I want to develop a lip gloss that has an irresistible scent and is also non sticky, but I digress.

2. Favorite book of all time? The Bible

3. Married or single? Loving it or hating it? Single and loving it. Life is good, I can't lie.

4. Link your no fail recipe you don't mind sharing I will give a short recipe and it's one that I developed in the kitchen one day. I don't measure things so I have no measurements to offer. As a base you can use Ketchup, blended tomatoes or pasta sauce. Then add in brown sugar, minced garlic, onions, pepper and a touch of honey. I mix this up until is it sweet and sticky then I use it to coat basked chicken or bbq chicken. Delicious.

5. Copying Marie so I can get some good hints, Fav YouTube Channel? I watch so many channels but here are a few Thesocialitelife (Sandy can haul yall), Britpopprincess, Splinta24, Splintabulouslife (both channels belong to Splinta), I also watch Andreaschoice.... my list can go on and on....

6. Biggest Fear? Not staying connected to my vision for myself.

7. Have you ever been in a physical fight? Care to explain?Nope, there was tussle between myself and a friend but it wasn't a fight. We were just both pulling on a bag that I didn't want to let got of (I was a kid).

8. Worst Habit? Offering to help too many people because I don't like watching people struggle. What ends up happening is that I end up carrying more than I should and I suffer..lol. I'm getting better though.

9. Trait you most admire in others and why? Loyalty because I am loyal and there is no better feeling than truly knowing that someone really has your back.

10. Should weed be legal?Nope

11. Best anti aging secret? A good conscience, laughter, plenty of rest ( I don't get enough of this), exercise (Don't get enough of this either) and water. If you're looking for a product, I am actually falling in love with night creams. I am using the ClickR night time lotion. Jurlique has a good night cream too (reviews coming soon).

My questions for bloggers Maven, TamStyles and anyone else who reads this blog who would like to participate.

1)Guilty pleasure?

2)Favorite movie?

3)What is a hard truth about yourself that you have come to accept or at least acknowledge?

4)Favorite shampoo and conditioner?

5)What's your most grand professional goal?

6)What is your biggest beauty product regret?

7)What is your most embarrassing fashion moment?

8)Have you ever had a frenemy? (a person who is your friend but they act like your enemy)

9)Which beauty product can you Not live without?

10)Favorite actor /actress?

11)What is your best physical feature?


justme said...

thanks for doing this. interesting answers. i am trying your recipe! are you ready for basketball wives?

Maven said...

Hey PJD-

Wow- These are tough questions- I'll answer as many as I can.

1) Guilty pleasure- Reality TV- I have dropped some shows, but RuPaul's Drag Race would probably be it.

2) Favorite movie- Cant narrow to just one. But, one of my favorites is Love Jones. Another is an old one- Stand By Me

3) Hard truth- I sometimes have a hard time finishing what I start. I begin with enthusiasm, and then, "meh". This is something I want to change.

4) Shampoo and Conditioner- Right now Shampoo is Naked Almond and Honey (will review soon I think) and Conditioner is definitely- Shea Moisture Black Soap Balancing Conditioner

5) Grand Professional Goal- Haven't reached it yet :)

6) Beauty product regret- Hair removal wax I used. I now have a permanent burn mark. NO bueno.

7) Embarrasing fashion moment- Shockingly none come to mind- I know I have one, just nothing stands out.

8) Frenemy- Yes, in grammer school. There was definitely an unspoken competition, (and not really on my part).

9) Favorite actor/actress- again too many. But to make it easy- Denzel Washington/Morgan Freeman and Meryl Streep. Also Angelina Jolie- say what you want about her-that chick can act. Viola Davis is also really good.

10) Physical feature- probably lips. I think they are pretty good.

Hard to narrow to just these answers, but I think for the most part that captures it.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Just Me, is that on tonight, I so lost track of all of that although I have seen some of the promos.
Maven thanks so much for responding!