Monday, September 10, 2012

New anti- reversion serum and NOTW

Hello Everyone

I saw an advertisement about this new anti-reversion cream serum from Dark and Lovely but I thought it was just another product on the market that wouldn't live up to its claims.  However, after watching one of the Essence beauty editors talk about this product and how it helped her natural hair I became interested. I haven't relaxed my hair in a little over one year so I was interested in giving this product a try. Please note that this product is marketed towards relaxed women but since I heard a natural sing its praises I had to pick it up.
I tried it this weekend on my mother's relaxed hair as well as my hair which is part natural (1 year's worth of new growth  ) and relaxed (all the rest). I will give this product a formal review in the form of a video but hands down I will get this product again- LOVELY. The natural portion of my hair  did not receive all of the benefits that my mother's relaxed hair received but I was still very satisfied.
Here are the ingredients:
Review coming soon!

I also tried out my new nail polish from Zoya. Faye is a golden /purple/brownish polish that glides on beautifully. It is listed on the Zoya site as an opaque polish, but after one coat I still needed just a bit more to fully cover my nail bed. After a light second coat it was perfect. I love this color and I am so pleased that I purchased this $8 polish.


Maven said...

Definitely want to see this review. I am all natural, but with the cooler weather coming, I will be doing more blowouts than wash and go's. I am wondering if this will help keep my edges from reverting. If so, I will be all over it.

Jennifer said...

I neeeeed to see the hair review

Tamoniva said...

I'm so sorry I missed this review. it sounds like a good product.

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