Monday, May 12, 2008

Makeup on the GO

I have so many hand bags from the largest selections that can literally hold my kitchen sink all the way down to the barely there clutches. I can not negotiate when it comes to bringing my cell phone and wallet along in my purse so other items get left at home. When I saw this mini Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara from Bourjois I just had to pick it up. It can fit in the smallest purse or even on your key chain or cell phone because it comes with a tiny lobster claw clasp to allow you to clip it on anywhere.
The application
Yes my eyelashes are elongated after wearing this mascara but don’t get caught in the rain with this product because it is anything but waterproof. This is smudge fest for your face but if you can keep your hands away from your eyes this is a perfect addition to your cutest clutch.
Get your mini mascara for only $8.
Which makeup items must make it into your purse?
There are two other posts below, so have fun.


antithesis said...

usually when i go out, the lip glass only makes it in the purse. i'm not one for touch ups and im usually just going to the club in makeup anyway so i dont care. maybe if i was making an important appearance, i'd throw in some other key items.

Shanah said...

I can't live w/o my mascara and blush!!!! Thank you... I will be looking into this!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh no, if it's not waterproof I can't even give it a try! It is very cute though. :-)

Oh I need to have lip gloss, mascara and some type of blush/bronzer.

Just_Wondering said...

I'm like antithesis..I put on my makeup on at home and leave it all there! I only carry lipgloss because I'm too lazy to run in the bathroom to touch up my face. Whatever happens happens! If I mess up the eye shadow it's coming off lol But if it's an important event I will make an extra effort to not touch my face!!

I can't do mascara without waterproof! I will definately mess that up in seconds lol

Anonymous said...

Omgosh mascara that isn't water proof! I would never purchase that! I don't really touch up my make up only my lip gloss.


PBW said...

I like of idea of carrying one of those babies in my purse.

Right now I carry a lipstick, a lipgloss and blotting papers in my bag.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Antithesis as long as I have something for my lips I am good to go, but I just liked the idea of this mini mascara.
@Shanah well then I need to come to you for a blush tutorial, I never wear blush.
@BGG I am hearing so much buzz about bronzers, I may have to check that out.
@Just Wondering ok so you use the "don't touch my face technique"
@Bellefille yes I looked a mess when I touched my face..
@PBW I like blotting tissues but I don't carry them with me. I use this one
Thanks for reading ladies.
Product Junkie Diva