Friday, May 9, 2008

Hair we go again

I am almost embarrassed to say how many hair products I have purchased, let alone how many I have purchased in the past two weeks. When I passed by the Redken store yesterday my inner junkie voice said go inside and I obeyed. I know that sales people are there to make a sale so why oh why do I find myself asking them, “anything good in here?” Of course they will say yes. As the woman began naming each line and its purpose she told me that she has only been working there since March, so I didn’t know if her recitation was really for me or to refresh her own memory. I asked her for a product with the word butter in it because I heard it was good and she began raving about it herself. She walked over to the shelf and bent down to get the treatment. As she was reaching for the product I was examining her tresses, hey could I really trust her recommendation if her hair was a mess? lol Since every strand on her head seemed to be in order when she handed me the product I gladly accepted it.
Smooth Down Butter Treat, doesn’t the name of this product just make you feel like your hair will be silky after applying this treatment? After shampooing your hair, you apply this treatment for 5-15 minutes and when you wash it out your hair it wll feel so smooth and silky. This treatment is marketed toward those with "dry or unruly hair". I enjoyed this product, it not only felt good in the palm of my hands but when I washed it out, my hair was indeed silky. You know I have to tell you about some of the ingredients, macadamia oil, candelilla wax, and cationic refiners which is used for frizz control. I would buy this product again especially since it was only 14.99. I am heavy handed when it comes to hair products so I know this wont last me for very long and when the time comes I will certainly buy it again. The sales woman was kind enough to throw in a few trail size products so I had an overall pleasant experience at the Redken store.
Slightly off topic question of the day.
If a sales person makes a recommendation and they claim to use whatever they are recommending if that part of their body/hair is not looking good do you still make the purchase? For example, a sales woman with scaly, flaky skin once told me that she lives by a particular skincare line; I thanked her for her time then quickly returned the items to the shelf and made my exit.
Please feel free to use the question and answer section of the blog to leave any questions that you may have.


antithesis said...

i feel u on the salesperson recommendations. dont claim to use something if u did not use it TODAY. or at least excuse yourself for looking a mess and say you ran out but you plan to get some more when you finish your shift (although that still wont sway me).

nywele said...

salesperson can be evil!Girl, I also have many many hair products.I even have an excel spreadsheet to keep track..gasp!

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

You're going to burn in hell for that question. lol It depends. I write a hair blog and right now I'm having hair issues... but thats the charm of the site... my honesty.
Would you stop visiting if I told you about my bouts with breakage or dryness, or what if I never told you about the rough times?
Some products take a while to work too, so watch her in a couple of months and you might need to eat those words.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Antithesis we are on the same page..
@Nywele REWIND you use excel to manage all of your hair product??? LOL I love it I know who to call when I run out of I think the honesty of your hair blog is different than this sales person. This is how I look at it- you have your blog and you may speak about your staple products, you may even discuss some problems that you have experienced with your hair but you are not saying hey everyone you need to buy this product this is going to give you the best hair ever and then you flash a picture of your hair that may not be flattering. This sales woman was telling me I would not regret this purchase and that she loves it so much but her skin was pretty bad. Gee I too mean Leanne?? lol Personally I like the honesty that I find on hair sites but I think the fact that you are not selling products to me will make all the difference. Or even if a person has hair that is in really bad shape and then they say this product has been helping me to get things together, even that is better than trying to gloss over the obvious issue and push product...i hope that makes sense.
How about this Leanne, the next time I see her I will at least read the label on the product and then put it back on the shelf...good? lol
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

No, seriously...this blog is not good for my new budget!!

I am mad that you said "only 14.99!" LOL. As heavy handed as I am with conditioner, I can't see spending that much on a product that would probably only last me three washes. sounds really tempting. Especially since I got these highlights. My hair has been feeling a little dry and I've been looking for a good, conditioning shampoo and deep conditioner. I bought some conditioner from Mixed Chicks that seems great, so I'll stick to that one for now, but....butter...hmmm=)

When it comes to recommendations, if the person can't properly advertise for the product, I do just like you. Thank them for their thoughts, put the product back on the shelf, and head right out the store.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Jewells lol I am heavy handed also but it may last you more than 3 ...maybe 4.
If you have a Redken store in your area, see if you can get a few samples. Samples are great because they can help you to decide if you want to invest in a product. Redken has this whole line for colored hair but I don't have colored hair so I have never tried any of those product.
What did you get from mixed chicks? If you want to write up a brief review of your experience I will post it. I do have a section on this blog called "you said it", so feel free.
Oh and I didn't put it in the post but you can even put the butter treat in your dry hair, it can be used as a leave in.
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I can use it on my dry hair?!?! I may go over to the cosmetology store and get some on discount=) They sell Redken. Dang, wonder if they're open right now. Gonna

I purchased the Deep Conditioner by Mixed Chicks at the IBS New York. Used it once and it left my hair feeling nice. Will try again and send you the review. Didn't have good results with the leave in=(

PBW said...

PJD, when it comes to hair products, I can't help myself. But I'm gonna stop... right after I get me some of that Smooth Down Butter Treat!

I usually will disregard a salesclerk if she's in her teens recommending a wrinkle cream. Her mentioning her grandma loves it somehow only makes it worse.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells, please tell me what the IBS New York is, I have never heard of this place. I want to try this conditioner...yay I can't
I see the junkie coming out in
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

What does this product smell like? It sounds very tempting...


Product Junkie Diva said...

PBW you are too funny!
Product Junkie Diva

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Bellefille it smells like perfume or some floral scent. I could still smell it on my hair after it dried, maybe because I used it too much or maybe it just sticks to you.
I would suggest getting a sample if you go to the Redken store just to see if you like it. I doubt they would have samples of this stuff at cvs. This is a product I was surprised to see at CVS recently. This coming week I will post a review on another hair treatment that I purchased and used twice. I may have to do a post where the Redken product battles it out with the other treatment since they both are supposed to do the same thing.
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to buy this tomorrow!

IBS NY is the International Beauty Show. I think they have one in Las Vegas also. It's where all of the beauty professionals come for a convention, sell products, hair shows... This was my first one and I will definitely go again. Got to meet and take a pic with Sam Fine and attend one of his classes. So talented!

Wish I had known about this butter then because I'm sure I would've got a nice discount and tons of samples!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Jewells why am I out of the i didn't know about the IBS. Coming up soon in NYC is the makeup show here is the link I am going to try my best to make it. Mac and tons of other companies will be there.
Sam Fine is brillaint. I have one of his books even though I don't wear nearly enough makeup to need a book but its so informative.
I hope I get to go to the makeup show because I want some items at discounted
Product Junkie Diva

TravelDiva said...

LOL on asking a salesperson was there anything good in here? HA!

Anonymous said...

I love butter treat. I used it for the first time last weekend and it is now my staple. Definitely a keeper.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@TravelDiva, I know, sometimes I make no
@Anonymous, I know I will be buying this again.
Product Junkie Diva