Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm thinking about this one.........

I saw this in person over the weekend and I am thinking about picking it up. I just wanted you all to see the new Ojon Ball. The makers of Ojon are taking a minute away from giving us fabulous hair and they are now spending a little time trying to beautify our bodies. You are looking at a cleansing ball that consists of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Since this is Ojon you must know that 100% pure Ojon oil is an ingredient in this unique looking product. You are supposed to use this ball to remove debris and your body should be left feeling like velvet. After touching the ball and scraping off a portion it, it reminded me of hardened cocoa butter. The scent will get 2.5-3 stars from me, it is similar to the Ojon Tawaka rejuvenating cream.
The Ball is $65 .
The wooden bowl in the picture is included with your purchase.
Happy Cleansing!


nywele said...

damn! the price is steep! is the ball going to last a while?
it reminds me of Anita Grant Rhassoul cubes that i've been dying to try!
no worries i'll post right away the recipe for herbal rinses for you :)

PBW said...

I saw this on QVC a few weeks ago. I love the regular Ojon, but don't like the smell of the Tawaka line.

Just_Wondering said...

PJD, I can't bring myself to buy a ball for that much! lol I'd hope my skin feels like baby's skin just by looking at the ball LOL

Anonymous said...

My skin feels like velvet from regular exfoliation. Can't see myself spend $65 on this product.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Nywele, what cubes? sounds like something I would share...
@PBW Tawaka does differ in scent from the ojon nut products. In my opinion the ojon restorative treatment does not smell so hot
@Just Wondering LOL. Also I should have mentioned that the ball is a nice size, think..medium sized grapefruit.
@Jewells What do you use to exfoliate?
thanks ladies
Product Junkie Diva

fabjab said...

Yeah I bought this ball from QVC a month ago and it definitely isn't worth $65.00. Granted I only used it twice but it leaves brown all in your shower and it's not that great of an exfoiliant. I got better results when I mixed olive oil and sugar.(cost, 10 bucks) The massaging effects of rolling the ball was the only plus.
F.Y.I. My boyfriend licked it cause he thought it was chocolate :) so be careful it you have little ones.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@fabjab thanks for the information, I doubt I will get this now :-)
Product Junkie Diva