Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not your ordinary fragrance

Glitter, sugar, caramel, and vanilla in the same roll on tube may be a bit too much even for me. This is the Aquolina Pink sugar Roll On Shimmering Perfume. The scents of sugar, vanilla and caramel have been combined to form this roll on perfume that leaves behind a trail of shimmering sparkles with each roll. The sparkles are not obnoxious because they can be rubbed into your skin and doing that will produce a very light shimmering effect. You will not feel any grains of glitter because it is almost as if it has been crushed into a very fine glittery dust. I really don’t consider this product to be a perfume because the scent is so light and you absolutely do not have that strong scent of alcohol that I usually associate with perfumes. Also unlike many perfumes this product has a wonderful shelf life because I have had this product for well over a year, perhaps even two, the color has not changed and it smells the same as it did the day I first opened it. However, I would not make this $18 purchase again because of the ingredients which include a medley of parabens and aluminum. Also I use this product so infrequently I will probably still have a nearly full tube 4 years from now.
We know that makeup should be changed every 6 months but do you have any products that have an exceptionally long shelf life?
P.S. I finally received my ELF shipment yesterday so reviews are coming soon.


Divine Blackness said...

I'm not a big fan of beauty products that smell like dessert. Vanilla and carmel are too of my favorite so something like this would drive me nuts! Ohhhh, macadamia nuts. LOL! Can't wait to see your review on your ELF haul. I have yet to dive in that sea.

The Frugalista Files said...

Make up must be changed every six months? OH NO. My face is going to melt soon. :(

I use so little products that I always have trouble with shelf life. I know I push it by keeping them longer. What can I do? Is there mini-sized makeup?

antithesis said...

oh no, i cant get down with the glitter. i never follow the makeup change rules. when i run out is when i run out. most things i purchase have a great shelf life.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I don't like glitter but I don't mind beauty products that smell like dessert! LOL!

Most of my things have a great shelf-life too, but I'm sure there are products in my makeup bag that need to be tossed!

PBW said...

I've rolled this fragrance on nearly everyday for two years. I love, love, love it! I don't like the taste of most desserts, but have no problem smelling like one.

You're right, the glitter is a light shimmer and I hardly even notice it.

P.S. Picked up Redken's Smooth Down butter treat today. Can hardly wait to try it!

yummy411 said...

i love roll on scents as well as pink sugar which i hated at first because i would get an overwhelming smell of burnt cotton candy or licorice!

justme said...

i love pink sugar. i love it love it love it!

Park Avenue said...

I love the combination of sugar, caramel, & vanilla! I can do with the glitter, though. The only thing I really like about roll on perfumes are the fact that you can just throw them in your bag, they're so small.

I don't throw out my cosmetics every 6 months. Every now & then I'll do inventory & throw out anything I don't like anymore or anything that looks old.

Just_Wondering said...

I love cookies, cake, ice cream OH MY I love um! But I can't possible walk around smelling like food. lol It would drive me nut. Its bad enough that I crave those sweets all the time, if I smelled like cake I'd be going to the supermarket more frequently hahahahaha
BTW: I'm soooo guilty of keeping my makeup for a long time...I guess because I don't wear everything everyday. Uh Oh I feel bad now lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Divine Blackness lol, the elf stuff is coming up very soon.
@Frugalista lol I don't think you will melt but just be careful. For the most part I am sure nothing too terrible will happen but bacteria and other no no's can form on your makeup.
@Antithesis I see you have developed your own system :-)
@BGG I don't mind smelling like a cup cake every now and then either lol
@PBW Yummy 411 and JustMe I see I have located the pink sugar fan club :-)
@Park Avenue yes you can pack this baby in your bag, but this product is about the size of a deoderant tube.
@Just Wondering...don't worry girl the makeup police will not be looking for you..lol
Product Junkie Diva