Thursday, May 1, 2008

You Did This To ME!

You have come to this blog and posted comments about Mac this and Mac that, knowing that I am a product junkie. So it has finally happened, I am a MAC addict! I signed up to receive emails from Mac because I like to be in the loop and that is how I learned about this new Mac Dazzleglass. As soon as I received the email that the products were in stock, I tried to simply acknowledge the email then move on, but the junkie in me surfaced. Buy it, just buy it, it's not even expensive, such thoughts streamed through my head until I clicked the "add to basket link". I purchased Mac Dazzleglass in "Get Rich Quick" which is like a shade of brown. The tube is larger than the regular lipglass tubes so that was great. Sparkles are packed into every inch of the tube so I was concerned in light of my recent sparkled lip gloss debacle. Unlike some other products the dazzleglass sparkles are not very abrasive. I still feel them on my lips and for me it is slightly irritating but it isn’t the most horrible sparkle experience that I have had. The color is lovely, though I must say I am not pleased with sample colors on the Mac website I would prefer it if they would display the actual tube simply because it looks better than their color swatches.
Dazzleglass comes with a lip brush instead of the standard fuzzy wand that accompanies the lipglasses. Don't kill me ladies but for $16.50 it isn’t life changing but it is a larger tube and the color is cute and my lips are oh so shiny, so I don't feel cheated at all. The comaprison shot to the right shows how much larger the dazzleglass is compared to the regular lipglass.
Anyone else planning on making this purchase? Is there anything else from the Mac line that I need to know about? nail polish etc....


The Frugalista Files said...

Once you go M.A.C., you never go back! heheheh

You may want to try the bronzer. I bought this golden bronze, iridescent powder and I mix it with refined deeper bronze bronzing power. Now, I bought this stuff before my frugal vow. But, I like the way it makes my skin look like a STARRAH when I step out at night. I just use it to highlight, not for full coverage.

Now that you are becoming hooked, have you thought about getting one of M.A.C's makeovers? They are awesome.

nywele said...

the frugalista is right. Once you go MAC, you can never ever go back! I started wearing make-up 5 years ago and i've tried other brands and find that MAC is the best brand out there for women of color because the products are so pigmented! Nars is also very good unfortunately i cannot afford them...
I am not getting the dazzleglass...i am not much of a sparkle girl...I am glad you liked it though :)

yummy411 said...

hey PJD! uh oh.. are you summoning MAC addicts?! don't do it! please! your wallet will be anorexic! okay really though.. my history with them is that I've stayed on top of every collection, new color stories and names before some of the ppl that worked at the counter.. i'm now falling back because you will notice the recycling going on. the color of the rainbow never changes... just that they may put those colors in different forms... a cream, a gloss, a shadow with iridescence or without. i felt like i may have to pass up this line like I did the 3D glosses (though those still haunt me to buy just one! LOL)

i may go ahead and buy just one of these dazzleglasses just to prove to myself that i did try before knocking it! lol.. the gloss looks fab on you though.

are you going to get anything from the naughty nauticals collections?

GretchenX said...

I managed to avoid the MAC counter the last time I was in the mall. It doesn't help that MAC makes the ONLY eyeliner that doesn't run on me!!!

Good for you, Diva - a single lipgloss won't break the bank - just don't go back for a couple of weeks!!! :)

Mr Fresh!! said...

haha@ you being a mac addict, i belive they are the best

i have no idea about these thing, but thats all my sister talks about

Don said...

that lip brush looks like it is something serious. lol @ you now being a MAC addict.

nothing more sexier than a woman with sexy glossed lips.

Traycee said...

Awe... Welcome to the family...LOL ...Took you long enough !!!!

brownee said...

Who doesn't love MAC? Lol

Ladies, virtually free makeup

Bergdoff has bought Eyes, Lips, and Face, they have to get rid of their items w/the old packaging. So they're selling everything for a $1!

I've never tried their makeup, but their brushes and bath products are pretty good.

brownee said...

Oh, and any order over $15, use the code CAROLINA and $7.50 off

Eb the Celeb said...

YES... get rich quick is that fire!

Dominican Enigma said...

MAC is amazing. Most of my eyeshadows are MAC although after reading Yummy's blog, i'll have to check out Milani.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Frugalista humm a bronzer I will look into that.
@Nywele if you are interested you may want to check into Illusions cosmetics. The eye shadow is brilliant.
@Yummy411 I kind of get that idea already but since I am new to the line I will dabble for a little
@Gretchenx thx, I will look back and read your comment if I get an urge to splurge
@Mr. Fresh isn't it great to have a sister :-)
@Don I've missed you thx for stopping by.
@Tracyee it sure did but I am here now..LOL
@Brownee thanks so much for this informmation I have never made an elf purchase but I just placed my
@Eb the Celeb..could you be my makeup twin??? lol
@Dominican Enigma I used a Milani dark brown lip liner when I ran out of my regular and it was pretty good.
Thank you all for your comments.
Product Junkie Diva

Traycee said...


Product Junkie Diva said...

@Yummy411 no I don't think I will try anything from the naughty nauticals collections, because nothing is really cathing my eye.
Product Junkie Diva

Product Junkie Diva said...

I responded to your tag tracyee.
Product Junkie Diva