Friday, April 4, 2008

High End Hype

I watched this woman on the Tyra show and she mentioned that she will only buy make up from high end lines and that she would never use drugstore makeup. They made her go through a series of tests to see if she could even tell the difference between the high end and the low end product. You better believe that 9 times out of 10 this woman was able to sniff out the cheap products. To some extent I know where this woman is coming from, there are just some instances in which the quality of a cheaper product is just not as good as it's more expensive rival. I remember as a kid being able to detect when cheaper orange juice made its way into the house, but I
I went into a store this week in search of a product I had never tried, I did not have anything specific in mind I was just open to any and everything. The beauty consultant marched me over to the Givenchy line of makeup. Givenchy is not the cheapest brand on the block so I expected to be blown away over the products. I was drawn to this glitter lip gloss (shown above), it is the Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal ( the color swatch for glitter orange, the color I purchased, is shown on the right side of the screen). The color doesn’t really show up at all so it basically looks clear. The Pop Gloss Crystal has castor oil but it also includes ingredients that are used to remove dead cells and stimulate new cells. I should also mention that this product is supposed to be non sticky. My only concern was that the crystals in the product would irritate my lips, the tiny little sparkles almost prevented me from buying the lip gloss. The beauty consultant said "OH NO, you won’t feel the sparkles at all it just glides on". I said oh great, as she applied some from the tester tube and rubbed her lips together. I admired the high shine and the way the sparkles seemed to reflect the light beautifully.
One thing that I can say is that this is a long lasting high shine lip gloss. However you better not even think of pressing your lips together unless you want to come up with a bloody lip from all those sharp edged sparkles. I have used lip glosses with sparkles before and they don’t all make your lips feel scratchy but this one does. I will not be buying this slightly sticky $23.50 cell regenerating lip gloss again. The only reason this is not in the skip it files is because the high shine is adorable, and after wearing it for a while those dangerous sparkles become a bit more subdued.
Do you think you can tell the difference between high end and low end products?
Which high end product did not live up to your expectations?


yummy411 said...

hi! good post! i shop all around. i love dior glosses, but there is one type.. ultra gloss addict or something that used be so gritty from the sparkles. since, they reformulated it and i'm a happ camper. nars' lipgloss i seriously was not impressed!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Yummy 411
THanks for reading my post.
I have to try this reformulated ultra gloss addict.
Thanks for the info.
Prodcut Junkie Diva

Amina said...

Hello! Great post!I remember seeing that episode! I started wearing make-up at 21 and was introduced to MAC. I have to say that cheap eyeshadows that are not very pigmented do not work for me, for instance the Loreal quads. After 2 hours, I can't see anything. High end products that did not work for me are Chanel lipglosses as well as Dior lipglosses, Benefit and Stila lipglosses. I splurged once on a Chanel lipglass and it wasn't all that!! Well, you live and learn...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes Nywele sometimes its just all hype because a company name may be well know. I am all for getting samples first to test something out but that is not always possible.
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

I wear Loreal mascara and cheap eyeliner. Other than that, I'm a Mac girl. Other lipsticks made my lips crack and that's not cool.

antithesis said...

i pretty much only use mac. ive tried to be adventurous with drugstore brands but ive been disappointed. the only thing i tolerate from the drugstore is mascara. when i grow up and have a real job, ill look into dior and them. great post!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I see that Frugalista and Antithesis have drugstore mascara in common. I will do a post soon on a drugstore mascara that is not bad at all.
@Frugalista you are right it is not ok for a product to crack your lips. From time to time just to maintain the smoothness of my lips I like to exfoliate them...see this post i did a while back. I also include an inexpensive way to exfoliate your lips.
Thanks for reading ladies.
Product Junkie Diva