Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Please chime in

Yesterday, I made a post about how impressed I was after seeing some higher end products at CVS. In the comment section Frugalista took no time in busting my bubble (just kidding) when she asked " Has anyone heard that once a high end beauty line goes to the drugstore, it's counterfeit? ". I would like to think that CVS is an established company and would not risk selling fake goods but hey, you never know.
If you have an answer please share your knowledge here.
Thanks so much everyone.
*** This is a red alert UPDATE** Frugalista submitted this link please read this when you have a chance
Thanks Frugalista


The Frugalista Files said...

I'm sowwy, PJD. I didn't' mean to be killjoy. It's just the journalist in me. :)

Check out this link on high-end shampoos that hit drugstores:

None of the products in the story are ones you have listed, so that's a good thing. But, I remember an old hair dresser who always said once a product was offered to the drug store, he stopped using it.

Product Junkie Diva said...

You know I'm just teasing Frugalista....Ummmm I just read that article that you listed....oh my goodness. I wonder if the same applies to beauty supply stores.
Product Junkie Diva

PBW said...

Wow! Good article. Thanks for the heads up Frugalista and PJD.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@PBW I have to regroup after reading that
I am just trying to figure out if the same applies to beauty supply stores.
Who can you trust these days?
Product Junkie Diva

T said...

That's kind of scary. I get my Burt's Bees from Walgreens (realize that's not a salon brand), but maybe I should stick to whole foods.


Product Junkie Diva said...

@T oh I have a burts bees review coming up soon.
Product Junkie Diva