Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Are you exposed?

I don't know of anyone who will welcome unnecessary wrinkles and skin cancer into their lives, but that is exactly what we may be doing if we are not protecting ourselves with an spf. The sun is good for us but the uvb and uva rays emitted from the sun may not love us in return. UVB is the ultra violet radiation that targets the outer layer of our skin, it is also the culprit behind sunburn. UVA rays bypass surface damage and travel deeper into our skin. UVB rays are said to do the most damage between the hours of 10-2:00 while UVA rays work throughout the day.
Don’t be a Victim
We are not powerless we can protect ourselves as much as possible and we can start by using an spf. SPFs will block these harmful rays, but it is often required that we reapply the spf several times during the day, especially when we know we will be frolicking in the sun.
Myth- People of color don't need an spf. This is an old myth that many people believed for so long but it is false, we need an spf just like everyone else. It is recommended that you use at least spf 30 instead of spf 15 which was promoted for so many years.
I tried my best to remind myself to wear spf but it became torturous when each spf that I tried seemed to be so heavy that it would make my skin look dull or like I had white reside on my face.
Finally, I found Lancaster's SPF 30 for delicate skin which allows me to keep my glow without leaving behind any evidence that I am wearing and spf. Lancaster's delicate skin SPF 30 can be used on your face and body. This is by far my favorite spf product...if only I could remember to always put it on!!!
You can purchase this spf for a mere $24 for a 4.2oz tube.
Which SPF do you use? (If you can, please provide the product name and the number associated with the spf product that you use. Thanks)


The Frugalista Files said...

I need to upgrade to this. I wear 15 SPF because I didn't know there were any higher SPFs that didn't feel like paste.

Thanks so much for this helpful post!

antithesis said...

yea, im the worst at spf. if i pick up a product and it says SPF i just think of it at a plus instead of a necessity...thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Mischo Beauty said...

I don't leave home without my sunscreen! I use Dermalogica's Super Sensitive Faceblock SPF 30! My mother begged me for years to use sunscreen/sunblock, but of course I was hard-headed and didn't... Now that I'm an esthetician I see first-hand why you need to protect your skin!

BTW- I tagged you in a post today! :)

Product Junkie Diva said...

@ Frugalista they even have spfs higher than 30 but I have no idea if they are heavy or not.
@Antithesis we both have to get on our SPF game this summer :-)
@Mischo thanks for the product name. I am starting to think that the sensitive spfs are the lighter ones...just a guess though. I am sure you see so much in your profession so this will motivate me even more to wear that spf.
I will check out your tag..thanks
Product Junkie Diva

nywele said...

great minds think alike!! I was just about to post an entry on new resolution is to wear i went to CVS and stayed there for 30 minutes not sure what to pick up...aveeno? neutrogena? Spf 15? spf 30? i ended up picking up cvs spf 30....i will look into the lancome one...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Great Nywele at least you picked one up and you got level 30 good job!!!Please let me know how you like the cvs it heavy?
Product Junkie Diva

Laura said...

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch is nice. I'm not bad about using a sunscreen, but they tend to leave my face greasy... this one definitely did not. I actually got it as a sample from my dermatologists office!

Brownee said...

I use Lucrece SPF 30. It's actually clear zinc, so that yucky white pasty residue is a non-issue! And it doesn't clog pores which many SPFs tend to do.

Most SPFs include white zinc, which is usually fine if your skin lighter than olive tone. However, I have many white and Asian friends who complain about that white look also, that's the main reason tinted SPF was invevnted.

Anything higher than 30 is usually for the body, not face.

Product Junkie Diva said...

@Laura thanks for mentioning that product.
@Brownee thanks for this info.
Product Junkie Diva