Thursday, April 3, 2008

I worked for my results

I buy products because I want them to do something for me, so I hate it when they make me do most of the work. Everyone wants smooth gorgeous feet so when I thought I had found a cream that could satisfy all of my foot related desires I was overjoyed. Soul Owner by Philosophy is an exfoliating foot cream that has both glycolic and salicylic acids. At one time or another both of those acids have done quite the little tap dance number on my face so I was certain that they would join forces and take down any rough patches on my feet.
Since Soul Owner is referred to as an exfoliating foot cream I was expecting salt grains or exfoliating beads, but I got nothing except a thick lotion like substance. So I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed the lotion in and it just looked like I coated my feet in petroleum. My feet did look shiny but that is about it. The directions never mention that you need to wash the product off, so I kept it on my feet and then I tried to find the slightest improvement. After assessing my feet shininess (check), rough patches (check), not a single rough patch was removed or smoothed out. Finally I took a tissue and decided to rub this product off of my feet and only then did I see the tiniest skin flakes being removed. It was almost hard to see the skin that it did remove. This product is so not worth my time, so you can just "SKIP IT".
I blogged earlier about the Ped Egg and it is great but I just wanted to try something new.
You can purchase an exfoliating foot cream that will not make any difference in the appearance of your feet unless you scrub and scrub and scrub your skin off yourself for a mere $14.00.
How do you keep your feet in the best condition possible? Any special products you would like to recommend?


antithesis said...

oh no! sorry you didnt like it but glad i can save my money. going to check out your post on the pedegg.

TravelDiva said...

The bliss products from Bath and Body Works are pretty good, and they have them in a travel carrying case too for convenience.

Unknown said...

I agree with Travel Diva. I'm addicted to the Bliss Spa Products. They leave your hands and feet feeling soft and happy!!!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes, I like some things from Bliss also.
Thanks for reading ladies.
Product Junkie Diva

Amina said...

oh no it didn't work!!
I once purchased their shower gels and they were okay..the fragrance was fab though!!
thank you for sharing with us your experience...

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hi Nywele,
You are so right, the Philosophy brand has a nice scent associated with their washes however see the post I did about the warning lable on many of their body washes...

This is why I no longer use their washes....yikes.
Product Junkie Diva