Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Incredible Inedible Egg

You may have laughed when you first watched the infomercial for the Ped Egg, I know I did. A device that you could move across your foot to remove hardened skin, yet it was gentle enough to graze a balloon without popping it? Shenanigans- that’s what I thought as I watched the commercial. Well my sister purchased a Ped Egg for me (was that supposed to be some type of hint????) so I figured, why not try it? I did not do the balloon test but I did use it on my feet and it is GREAT. No I do not have callous ridden horrible feet- just in case you were But I do have areas that are ummm not as soft as other portions of my feet and the Ped Egg took care of that. It is like moving a gentle cheese grater across your feet and whatever skin is removed is contained in the inner chamber of the Ped Egg. The dead skin is held in the Ped Egg until you are ready to dispose of it, which should be after each use.
Fact or Fiction
Now on the commercial they mention that you will not get any skin on your floor because the Ped Egg holds the removed skin inside of the device until you dispose of it. Well this is true to some extent, yes the removed skin does remain in the Ped egg but if you hold the Ped Egg at an angle the removed skin will slip through the grater area and fall on your floor or the keyboard of your computer :-) (dusting off keyboard). For the most part it really is fool proof, but the removed skin looks like tiny ash particles once it is removed, and it can easily slip through the grater so be careful.
You will also recieve two emery pads (one is an extra)that can be attached to the bottom of the Ped Egg to remove additional skin. The Ped Egg is a staple for smooth feet all year round. You will pay $10.00 for your Ped Egg.
Are your feet ready for Summer time sandals?


Bronze Bombshell said...

I want one SO BAD!!! I heard they can be purchase at Walgreens also, FYI.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes Walgreens is another PEd egg source. The Ped egg is delightful and it works without any pain....very nice product.
Product Junkie Diva

Anonymous said...

PJD, girlllll! Got my pedegg in the mail today! I ordered it after reading your post. I ordered it immediately because my feet needed help!!! This product is great!!!! Fabulous. Thanks for the tip:)

Product Junkie Diva said...

yay Anonymous,
I am happy that you are enjoying your ped egg. You are getting ready for your sandals...perfect!
Product Junkie Diva

antithesis said...

no i must get it. i, too, laughed at the commercial. i laughed again when walgreens put it up on their LED screen as being on sale for 9.99. clearly, it's something i need though.

mary'smom said...

I agree with you on this product for sure! I love my egg...I misplaced it and I am not happy. My husband bought it for me. I also found out that you need to use a cream or lotion with AHA in it to be effective. Avon made one with AHA and now I cannot find it...I think they discountinued it. It was great stuff. Now, I am having major problems with foot cracks...very, very painful and deep foot cracks. Ouch!
I wonder if heel-tastic works. Anyway, I love your blog and I will be following.