Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm a stalker

When I get wind of a product that I think I may like, I begin stalking stores. I am that woman peeking through windows, checking for new displays or calling sales associates to find out if a product has hit the stands. So when I first received my Carol's Daughter catalogue which featured Candy Paint I was hooked. I was so eager to make my first purchase that the sales associate gave me her card and told me to call her the next day when the product would hit the shelves. When I called and she told me the items had just hit the stands, that was all I needed to hear as I headed toward the door to purchase my petroleum, mineral oil, artificial colors and paraben free lip gloss.
I purchased the Bronze Goddess which is pictured in this post, because it appeared to be the darkest shade available. I pulled out my mirror and began to apply my gloss. I love supporting a sister I was thinking as I smeared on layer after layer of this all natural goodness. When I finished applying the gloss I looked like I had dipped my lips into a vat of oil all in an attempt to see the actual color. I was so disappointed that the color was way lighter than I had anticipated and too many layers were required to see the beautiful shades. As much as I enjoy natural products this for sure is a "SKIP IT".

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