Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Cheated

It has been seven weeks since I've had my last touch up and my new growth is in full bloom. My tube of Phytodefrisant has been staring at me for months, probably wondering why I purchased it and never used it. Well yesterday was the day that I grabbed my Phytodefrisant after washing my hair to see if it really would straighten my hair without any chemicals. This product contains natural ingredients like horseradish and garlic that join forces to release some hair kinks. Please keep in mind that this product is supposed to be used with a blow dryer which aids in this chemical free straightening process.
Ok I don't use blow dryers (hair killers as I affectionately call them) unless I am between a rock and a hard place, so I cheated and used my hooded dryer to test this product. I usually air dry my hair but I wanted to finally make use of this product and I have to report that it works. Now I am not claiming that my hair is super straight because it is not but the new growth is much softer and it is straighter- how much straighter??? I would guess 25%-35% straighter than it would have been had I not used this product.
The Downside
After drying my hair I was left with white flakes ( no it was not dandruff thank you very much) in the areas where I applied this product. It didn’t take much effort to remove the flakes which were really more like hardened crystals, but I certainly could have done without the extra work.
If you use a blow dryer I think you would have some amazing results.
Priced anywhere from $12-$32 (depending on the size you select) this product may be worth your time.
You will find this Phytodefrisant at Sephora.
Have you tried it, if so please post your comment.

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