Saturday, February 9, 2008


The fabulous Avon Nail Strips that I spoke about in a previous post is now on sale for $3.99 at get it while it lasts!
Here is the link
Happy shopping!
P.S. You better get to it before I do, or you may find that they are all sold out :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Ms. Product Junkie Diva,

I'm in the process of purchasing the nail strips and I must say I'm super excited! I've been trying to do my own manicures for the past month and its been going ok but at times I'd mess them up because I have no patience drying them! Do you recommend any fast drying nail polish?

Last week I did try the Shea Butter Spray by Sally Hansen to dry them quickly (as you mentioned in one of your previous posts) and LET ME TELL YOU, I had a perfect manicure for the first time ever. I immediately told my family, friends and co-workers about it! Now that the avon nail strips is onsale I will try them too! Talk about a fast manicure! I can't wait!

Thanks Again!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks for checking out the site! As a fast drying nail enamel I have tried Maybellline Express Finish in various colors and it works in 60 seconds. Just keep in mind that the drying time increases based on the amount of polish you apply. Also I have tried Mirror Shine by Avon and this polish is not marketed as a fast drying enamel but it certainly dried faster than the Maybelline brand.
PJ Diva