Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Learn from my mistake

I admit it I was rushing to get out of the house because I had pulled an all-nighter preparing some documents for work and I didn't want to be late. Instead of getting together an outfit that would make me feel like the diva that I am, I put on a quickie outfit ( a quickie outfit is one that doesn’t have to be ironed and it fits)- but honestly the outfit shouldn't even exist in my wardrobe. So there I was walking toward my office building when I knew that the knee highs (yes I said knee highs) that I put on that morning were defective because the elastic wasn't holding up and they were slowly sliding down my legs. I decided to make a detour to CVS to get some real stockings because the knee highs were just about to reach my ankles. You better believe I was dipping and dodging through the streets hoping that I wouldn't see any of my colleagues before I could make my purchase. While I did not run into any coworkers, I did see an old pal of mine as she was heading off to work. I hope I can paint this picture properly for you because she looked GORGEOUS! We had not seen each other in a while and she walked briskly toward me with her arms wide open anticipating our embrace. From a distance I could make out her red painted lips, soft curls that grazed her cheek and a long red silk scarf tossed over her jet black coat. She looked like she was preparing for an Essence cover shoot. As we hugged I immediately felt the need to explain my appearance, so I told her that I was rushing that morning but it was simply a sad attempt at explaining my sagging knee highs. As sweet as she is, she consoled me and said "we all have those days girl". I appreciated her kind words, but all I kept thinking as we exchanged small talk was-it's freezing, and my knee highs are officially around my ankles. I eventually got my stockings and carried on through the day but I just didn't feel like myself. It really wasn’t about the knee highs alone, it was about knowing that I didn’t present myself to the world in a way that represented the way I was feeling on the inside. Yes, your outward appearance does matter. The moral of this story is don't let the corporate deadlines, or anything else detract from your “me time”. Even on a budget your wardrobe should include pieces that accentuate your best features and make you feel beautiful. So please learn from my experience and as cliché as it may sound always put your best foot forward. Don't get caught out there looking a mess :-) I hope you all feel wonderful and have a great week.


Anonymous said...

Hey PJD,

Thanks for sharing that story! I couldn't agree with you more. We need to celebrate being the lovely women that we are. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey Belle
I just needed to get that

Seymone said...

Isn't it crazy that you always see someone from your past, when your not at your best.. Crazy huh.

Anonymous said...

Story of my life

T said...

Awesome post!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Thanks T.