Monday, February 11, 2008

You Said It- Smooth Operator

The " You Said It" portion of this blog will be devoted to you, the loyal readers who would like an opportunity to voice a personal experience with a product.
In the first edition of "You Said It" we have JasmineJ and here is what she had to say:
"Smooth Hair by Frederick Fekkai is a great product for natural and curly hair. It not only makes hair more manageable, it also is great for detangling. I was suckered into buying this product by the sales vultures at Bath and Bod Works. I initially didn't like this product because I tried it on my hair when it was blow dried and it mad my hair frizz up. if you have "virgin hair" like myself try oil based creams when your hair is blow dried and water based creams when your hair is in its natural state. Smooth Hair by Frederick Fekkai is $17.50 at Bwth and Body Works for a 4oz tube."
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