Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yesterday I saw a tarantula

No it wasn't a real tarantula but it was a woman whose eyelashes were so heavy and thick with gunked up (technical term) mascara that each lash resembled the legs of a tarantula. I sat in astonishment as she applied more mascara to her already heavily painted lashes. It was that event that motivated me to bring you a post on mascara that won’t have your lashes looking like something from a rainforest attached itself to your face. Ironically yesterday was also the first day that I tried out my Diorshow Unlimited Mascara in rich black by Dior. This mascara is most often recognized for the curve that it adds to your lashes and the ability for it to remain on your lashes. I should add this mascara did not clump, I only needed one application and it lasted all day long so it does have staying power.
This is not the only mascara that works well but this one will get the job done. Look for future posts on less expensive mascaras.
The Diorshow Unlimited Mascara is priced at $24 for a .25 oz tube.
Which mascara do you love?


Anonymous said...

Hi JDiva,

I absolutely love love love Lash Discovery by Maybelline! I tried it maybe a few years back and thought WOW my eyelashes look longer and each individual lash distinct! I doesn’t clump up and it will stay on for a long period of time. The only draw back is that it does stiffen your lashes just a little bit. However, I have never purchased anything other then Lash Discovery!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Ohh La La I have to try Lash Discovery. Thanks for the info. I also like one from the Queen Collection from covergirl.

Jemima said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Product Junkie Diva,

I have to say that i truly enjoy reading your blog!I really enjoy using lash exact by Covergirl! It doesn't clump at all and elongates each and every lash. Previous to lash exact, I used Great Lash mascara by Maybelline, which was great also because I used the very black and it gave my eyes that deep sultry look. For now I'm sticking to lash exact.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Bellefille84,
You must be my mascara twin because I also like Lash Exact and I have it in very black. It lengthens my lashes and really defines them clumps it.
Thanks so much for reading the blog.
Product Junkie Diva